Wednesday, February 3, 2016

PhilHealth covers package for contraceptive implant

DAVAO CITY, Feb. 03 – Adding to a string of benefits that increase Filipinos’ access to alternate family planning methods, the Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (PhilHealth) now covers benefit package for subdermal implant used for contraception.

According to Department of Health (DOH) Administrative Order 2015-0006, these subdermal implants are small tubes, the size of a matchstick, which are inserted under the skin of the upper arm of women, producing progestin-only hormones that inhibit ovulation and prevent pregnancy for three years. The procedure is also known for its rapid reversibility.

In a circular issued by PhilHealth, the package which is worth Php 3,000 covers the procedure including pre and post counselling, drugs and supplies, professional fee and use of the facility.

It can be availed in accredited hospitals, primary care facilities, birthing homes or maternity clinics, and ambulatory surgical clinics and must be performed by accredited professionals who have acquired a Certificate of Training from DOH.

As with other benefits availment, the process of availing this package requires the member to have sufficient and regular payment of premium contributions.

For those under the indigent, Kasambahay and senior citizen categories of PhilHealth, the No Balance Billing policy also applies.
PhilHealth further specified that the package can be availed every 730 days which is equivalent to two years; the agency shall cover availments starting January 1, 2016. (PHIC-XI/Kleah Dublin)

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