Friday, February 5, 2016

Diwalwal mining site eyed for tourism

DAVAO CITY- The Mt. Diwata Mining Reservation Area is being eyed as a tourism spot.
The National Task Force Diwata (NTFD) has identified several tourism sites in the 8,100 hectare mineral reservation area popularly known as Diwalwal.

Alex Palero focal person of the Program Monitoring Coordination Center (PMCC-NTFD) said developing the tourism aspect of the area is considered as part of the masterplan by the Regional Development Council.

He said that the area should not rely on mining alone. With decreasing gold production in Diwalwal, agriculture and tourism are being eyed as alternative livelihood.  Gold deposits are now found deeper in the mountains escalating the costs of extracting the gold for miners, many of which are engaged in small-scale mining.

At 1,200 meters above sea level the mountain area boasts of a cooler climate just like Baguio plus the presence of scenic waterfalls and small lakes in the area makes it a promising destination for tourists.

Hollywood actor Josh Hartnett who shot a film in Diwalwal in 2007 described the place as a gorgeous part of the world. He was enamored with the waterfalls he found in the area.

Palero said the waterfalls which Hartnett saw is planned as a future tourism site however the dumping of mine tailings into the waters must be stopped. The falls is located below the mining sites.

As a start NTFD is developing a four-hectare site as a biodiversity area where they will be planting various species of trees including the giant bamboo.

The plan to develop Mt. Diwata as a tourism site is not new, six years ago the provincial government of Compostela Valley has considered developing and promoting the mining industry of Mt. Diwata to visitors similar to Australia’s mine site tourism. (PIA/RG Alama)

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