Friday, February 5, 2016

Davao City provides Newcastle virus vaccine to poultry

DAVAO CITY Feb. 5 (PIA)-  The City Veterinarian’s office is providing vaccinations to poultry to prevent the spread of the Newcastle Virus to chickens.

NDV (Newcastle Disease Virus) is an airborne highly contagious disease which affects domestic and wild bird species it is caused by the Newcastle Virus. About 41,000 chickens have died in Central Luzon because of the virus.

Gay Pallar, Veterinarian II of the City Veterinarian’s Office said that there have been no reports of affected Newcastle poultry here in Davao City.

Pallar said that vaccination is the best treatment for the virus. “We have technicians all over the city conducting vaccinations.” She said.

Currently the City Vet has 20 vials of vaccine good for 20,000 heads of chicken. Vaccinations of livestock and poultry is one of the programs of the city government.

Pallar said that Newcastle virus is deadly to poultry among its symptoms include swelling of eyes, difficulty in breathing and backward gait.

“In some cases these chicken will roost in the trees then will just drop dead.” She added.
Aside from Newcastle virus, vaccinations are also given by the City Vet for rabies, hemorrhagic septicemia, hog cholera and fowl pox. (PIA/RG Alama)

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