Friday, April 27, 2012

Gov. Uy to fine-tune KALAHI-CIDSS for local implementation

NABUNTURAN, Compostela Valley -Known for adopting the KALAHI-CIDSS concept, Compostela Valley Governor Arturo T. Uy, who has emulated the concept through his ATU-PEACE (Assistance Towards Unity for Progress thru Empowerment, Accountability, Cooperation and Efficiency), vowed to find ways to perfect the concept so that it will suit its implementation at the provincial level.

KALAHI-CIDSS or Kapit-Bisig Laban sa Kahirapan –Comprehensive and Integrated Delivery of Social Services is a community-driven development (CDD) project of the Philippine Government where decision-making resides in the community.

In a briefing for the visiting team of the Asian Development Bank (ADB), the governor said at present, his administration has started going through the ATU-PEACE program and how it can improve its implementation.

“If we have technical people coming from DSWD or other agencies to help us with the innovations to make it [ATU-PEACE] more perfect, more like the KALAHI-CIDSS program or a twin KALAHI-CIDSS program, then it would be better,” the governor said.

He said KALAHI-CIDSS concept is one of the best programs the national government, through the DSWD, has implemented because this has provided assistance to those who really need help.  “The system -community-driven development or CDD is so rigid and it involves the community.

Ibig sabihinit is not only what the barangay officials or what the barangay captains need or want. Kasi there are barangays where the officials or the captains are the only ones who choose the project like farm-to-my-house roads,” he added.

The governor, when he assumed in 2007, found that not all barangays were able to get a share out of the 20% provincial development fund.  So that when he attended one of the KALAHI-CIDSS activities, he asked officials of the department, including Assistant Regional Director Priscilla N. Razon, about the nitty-gritty of the project.

Panabo highlights GK and MRDP Projects

Panabo City Government highlighted Gawad Kalinga (GK) and Mindanao Rural Development Projects (MRDP) in the recent Monday Convocation sponsored by the General Services Office (GSO) on April 23, 2012, 7:30AM at the lobby of the New City Hall Building.
Monday convocation usually start with the flag ceremony, Panunumpa sa Patawat at Kawani ng Gobyerno, words of God, updates, giving of awards/recognitions and announcements of the weeks activities. Although each part of the convocation is equally important, yet more time allotted to the words of God in order to guide employees week long services and so with the updates which explains on the office functions, programs and services, for information and partnership/availment of services.
Mr. Bernard Flores, trusted Elder/Officer of the Seventh Day Adventist shared that during troubles and danger our help is Jesus Christ (Matthew 14:30) as experienced by Peter, the Apostle. Just develop relationship, trust and confidence in Him.On the other hand, Eng. Bernardo Rabanoz emphasized that GSO Manages the acquisition, maintenance, safe keeping, utilization and disposal of properties yet also focus something on Gawad Kalinga as the project manager of the noble endeavor. The current administrator headed by Mayor Jose L. Silvosa Sr.

Even the update has given more time of said GK for its bias to give Land for the Landless, House for the Homeless and Food for Needy. Certificates further awarded to GK volunteer builders headed by Fire Marshall Randolf Arbutante, 69th IB of Phil. Army and Naval Base Eastern Command.  Future GK plans were included to augment financial support highlighting May 28, 2012 Dinner for a Cause project.
On the other side, the awarding of MRDP check to four Barangay namely: 1.) Nanyo (For Chicken Egg Production to Agro-Industrial Assn. Inc. with 250,000.00 pesos; 2.) Tagpore (for Vermi Composting to San Nicolas Landowners Multipurpose Cooperative – Php 200,000.00); 3.) San Roque (for Carabao Production to San Roque Upland Dwellers Assn. with 250,000.00 pesos); 4.) Katipunan (for Multipurpose Drier Pavement to Katipunan Small Coconut Farmers Multipurpose Cooperative worth 250,000.00 pesos).
The GK and MRDP highlighted the said convocation consistent to the City Government’s Poverty Alleviation Program.

Summer vacation; best time to save on energy

Summer is the best time to bond with the family especially through travel and tour. So while you are on a vacation, give your energy devices a vacation too. Here are some tips to save energy at home while the whole family is off on a vacation.
    Unplug your refrigerator. Fridge is one of the biggest energy users at home, thus, it is most practical to unplug it while you're away. However, this would mean emptying and defrosting your fridge. Or you may also turn the temperature at its lowest setting to avoid food spoilage.
    Turn off the lights. For security measures, ask someone from the neighborhood to turn on your outdoor lights at night and have them turned off during the day.
    Unless you have installed CCTVs to record something while you are away, unplug all of your other electronic devices. Remember that these devices still consume energy even when not in use.

    It is impractical to keep your place chilled while nobody's home, hence, make sure to turn off and unplug your air conditioner before leaving the house.

    Don't forget to also unplug all of your small appliances. Though they use only a little energy, the total energy consumed by unused appliances can add up.

Practicing these simple tips would make your summer vacation more worthwhile. You are not only enjoying a worry-free vacation while saving on energy but also helping cut down the carbon dioxide emission in the atmosphere from unplugging your home appliances and devices. This means that in your own little way you are helping Mother Earth fight Global Warming.

To get your Davao Light electric bill balance, just text ASKDLPC(space)BILL (space)10-digit  ACCOUNT  ID  and send to 3913572 (Smart, Talk&Text and Red Mobile  subscribers)  or  09229993572  (Sun and Globe subscribers). Regular rates apply; Davao Light pays for the reply. (DLPC/PIA Davao)

Customs gears for automation

DAVAO CITY April 27 (PIA)- The Bureau of Customs is gearing towards an automated environment . This was said by Customs Commissioner Raffy Biazon during his press conference at the Marco Polo Davao held yesterday (April 27). According to commissioner Biazon the computerized systems provides lesser decision-making for its personnel.

Human intervention in customs processes has been the root of corruption in the agency to which Biazon said the answer is increasing automation. Among the automation programs is the National Single Window which is a network of 40 government agencies interlinked together to hasten government transactions.

For example National Food Authority permits for the importation of rice can be passed on through the NSW, these would also apply to other government agencies the result is a higher degree of integrity for these customs documents. Biazon said that the timetable will be 2013, where they will be interconnected with the Asean Single Window.

The customs commissioner also downplayed fears of job losses through automation as he said the Customs is geared towards front-end  services.

Unlike modern Customs  in other countries which relies on post entry audit. Where the goods are audited after they have been received by the companies.

The present front-end set-up is that the customs will look at the papers while the goods are kept in container vans.

Under the automated set-up, the BOC will be more on looking towards post entry audit. “In fact we would be hiring more auditors to audit these companies. The customs chief added. (PIA/RG Alama)

Philhealth to verify more poor families excluded from targeting system

By Frances Mae Gevera-Macapagat

Quezon City, April 27 (PIA) – Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (Philhealth) President and Chief Executive Officer Eduardo Banzon asked those poor families not included in the National Households Targeting System (NHTS-PR) for Poverty Reduction list that they may submit their names to Philhealth for coverage.

The office will then ask the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) to check and survey these families.

The Philhealth recognizes those listed in the NHTS-PR as the poorest families, however, of the 5.2 million families listed, only 3.2 families are qualified to get the free healthcare insurance premium shouldered by the national government.

Banzon, in today’s Communication News Exchange (CNEX) Briefing and Discussion at the Philippine Information Agency Central Office, bared his plan of advising the DSWD to hold a survey on families who report not included as the poorest.

“ We are also thinking of bringing up to the board the possibility of automatically categorizing indigenous people as part of list of poor families.”, Banzon added.

NHTS-PR is a system recognized by the national government that identified the poorest of the poor families in the country.

The system guarantees the generation and establishment of a socio-economic database of poor households using unified and standard criteria for the identification of poorest families through scientific means.

Philhealth is one of the government agencies that make use of the existing NHTS-PR list along with the Department of Health (DOH), Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE), Department of Agrarian Reform (DAR), and the Department of Agriculture (DA).

Banzon also clarified that the families listed in the NHTS-PR are not necessarily beneficiaries of the Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program or 4Ps of the DSWD. “Rather, the 4Ps program is just a subset of the entire NHTS-PR list.

Following complaints that some real poor families are not included in the list, Philhealth then asked them to report and the office could advise DSWD to check if these families are indeed qualified.  (PIA/Frances Mae Gevera-Macapagat)

Philhealth to advise DSWD to check and survey unlisted poor families

TAGUM CITY, April 26 (PIA):  Home-grown billionaire Tagum Cooperative is intensifying efforts to promote savings consciousness among its members as one of the backbone of its growth.              

Guesting in the Kapihan sa Kapitolyo, Tagum Cooperative Board of Directors chairperson Norma Pereyras explained savings has enabled the cooperative to widely extend its services.              

The cooperative puts together members’ deposits and investments so it can extend services such as loans, insurances and health care services to members, Pereyras said.

Pereyras said that Tagum Cooperative has been able to viably provide the needed services of its members, especially loans, because total savings have surpassed loan portfolio.              

She revealed that Tagum Cooperative as of March 2012 kept P743.2 million savings deposits and P496.25 million share capital that had a combined total  of more than P1.2 billion.              

“That’s the trust that our members invest in Tagum Cooperative,” she said. The P1.2 billion total savings deposits and share capital was more than the P1.17 billion loan portfolio registered in the same period this year. Its 45th General Assembly report also the combined figure of deposits and share capital was more than the loan portfolio.

Tagum Cooperative as of December, 2011 accumulated a total of P455.04 million share capital and P708.20 million deposits that totaled more than P1.163 billion that was more than the P1.097 billion loan portfolio registered in the same period last year.              

In the same occasion,  Tagum Cooperative Board of Directors vice chairperson Monica Salido who sits at the Education Committee, said that  Tagum Cooperative integrates financial literacy which emphasizes budgeting during its orientation seminar.              

Salido also revealed that Tagum Cooperative requires its officers, management staff and personnel to support the cooperative by way of saving.              

Aside from inculcating the value of savings, Tagum Cooperative also designs ways of encouraging members to invest more.              

Among its savings strategies are the Save a Lot Advocacy (SalaD) and the Pabilisang Savings Para sa mga Drivers Advocacy (PASADA).              

It also launched last year the Aflatoun Program in seven public schools in Tagum City to build the leadership skills of pupils as well as promote the value of savings.              

Among the schools that adopted the Aflatoun last year were the elementary schools in Magugpo, Rizal, Mankilam, Laureta, La Filipina, Catalan and Apokon, all in Tagum City.

                To encourage members to build up their share capital,  Tagum Cooperative launched last year the “Go for Gold” campaign in recognition of members who had put  in a capital share of P50,000 and more.

                Giving high annual interest rates of seven percent to time deposits, forms part of its strategy to entice more investments from its members.

                Meanwhile, Pereyras said that Tagum Cooperative makes it possible that members can benefit more by investing more as it grants them to use their time deposits and share capital, in availing loans.

                “If you need money, you can  get 90 percent loan from your  time deposit or share capital,”  she said.  (PIA-11/Jeanevive Duron-Abangan)

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Bag-ong minimum wage hike dinhi sa R-XI mu-epekto karong Mayo 1

DAVAO CITY, April 26 (PIA) – Ang mga minimum wage earners dinhi sa Davao Region ang makadawat sa P10 nga umento sa gitawag nga Cost of Living Allowance o COLA nga ipatuman karong umaabot nga Mayo 1. Ang maong dugang nga P10.00 ngadto sa COLA sa mga trabahante ang magsaka sa minimum wage sa rehiyon gikan sa P260 – P291 ngadto sa P270.00 – P301.

Kining ikaduhang higayon sa P15.00 COLA nga umento ang nahimutang sa Wage Order No. RB XI – 17 nga gipagawas niadtong niaging Desyembre 2011. Ang unang higayon nga umento nga P5.00 ang gipatuman niadtong January 1 niinig kasamtangang tuig.

Ang Regional Tripartite Wages and Productivity Board (RTWPB-XI) ang napagawas sa Wage Order No. RB XI-17 nga nag takda sa suhulan ngadto sa mga non- agricultural workers ug kadtong mga empleyado sa retail ug service nga mga establisemento nga adunay sobra sa napulo (10) ka mga empleyado  ngadto sa P301.00 matag adlaw.

Nahilakip dinhi ang basic minimum wage pay nga P286.00 ug ang kauban niining COLA nga P15.00. Samtang kadtong anaa sa agrikultura nga sektor makadawat sa P276.00 ug alang ngadto sa mga anaa sa retail ug service establishments nga wala maka-abot sa napulo ang empleyado ang makadawat sa P275.00.

Matud sa Department of Labor and Employment – XI regional director Joffrey Suyao, ang RTWPB sa ni-aging Septembre sa tuig 2011 sa ilang kina-ugalingon (motu-propio) ang nag pahigayon sa usa ka hearing aron mahibalu-an ang kakinahanglanon sa maong pag umento sa suhulan sa dinhi sa rehiyon. Ang maong resulta maoy naka-aghat sa  board nga ipagula ang maong COLA nga adjustment.

Si Suyao nagkanayon nga dunay daghang hearing ug mga deliberasyon ang nahimo na, ang mga miyembro sa tripartite board kauban ang mga kasamtangang datus ug impormasyon sa regional economic indicators aron mahibal-an ang ang-ang sa pagahimu-ong adjustment.

Si Suyao dugang nagkanayon nga ang maong wage order ang makatabang ngadto sa mga minimum wage earners nga nagsagubang sa kanunay nga pagsaka presyo sa mga basic commodities. Dugang pa niini kabahin sa bag-ong minimum wage nga umento, ang DOLE-XI ang magpahigayon sa usa ka halapad nga job fairs dinhi sa mga malls sa dakbayan; diha sa SM City Mall ug ang Gaisano Mall of Davao.

Kining duha ka adlaw nga job fair ang pagahimu-on karon Mayo 1-2 kabahin sa selebrasyon sa adlaw sa mga mamumu-o karong Mayo 1. (PIA-11/Albert D. Cahilog)

Davao City keeps close watch on airport for trafficked minors

DAVAO CITY, April 26 (PIA) – The City Social Services and Development Office (CSSDO) of the local government of Davao City is keeping close watch on trafficked minors in the city’s lone international airport.

Teresita Pioncio of the CSSDO said that last April 20, the city reactivated its desk in the Davao International Airport to look out for minors who are being trafficked out of the region. Pioncio said that there are four social workers working full-time manning the CSSDO desk in the airport.

“They work in two shiftings, two social workers for each shift,” Pioncio said. The team is also backed up by two more social workers from the Quick Response Team for Children’s Concerns (QRTCC) an inter-agency team consisting of local and national government agencies.

Pioncio said that they are coordinating with the Aviation Security Group (airport police) where the policemen identify potential trafficked minors. “If they cannot show any papers the police would bring them to us.

So far the CSSDO desk has offloaded three minors who were enroute to Manila.” Pioncio said. “The elements of trafficking were there. The minors said that they are going to be schooled in Manila.” Pioncio recounts.

She added that the minors didn’t present the necessary permit to travel for their trip. Pursuant to the provisions of the Children’s Welfare Code of Davao City, minors below 15 years old who are traveling alone or with a person other than his/ her parents or guardian are required to secure a permit to travel.

Among the requirements of a permit to travel are the birth certificate of the minor,  barangay clearance issued by the barangay captain, written parental consent as attested by the barangay captain (if without parents, the written consent of the grandparents or the eldest sibling), identification card of the minor, identification card of the accompanying adult.

She added that modus operandi of human traffickers is to recruit minors for domestic household jobs only to take them into brothels and nightclubs.

Pioncio said that they are intensifying efforts to stop these traffickers in their transit points particularly airports and seaports, she added that passenger vessels no longer calls on the Sasa Port thus added efforts on keeping watch over the airport and bus terminals.

In February of this year six trafficked women were rescued in Baguio City all came from Davao, three of them minors.  In 2011, about 28 minors were rescued in Davao City. (PIA-11/RG Alama)

Davao Light sets 10-minute power interruptions on April 29 and 30

DAVAO CITY, Apr. 26 – Davao Light and Power Company announces 10-minute power interruptions, from 5:00 AM to 5:10 AM, on April 29 and 30, affecting the customers situated in the southern part of its franchise.

  Ross Luga, Corporate Communications Officer, said that the service interruptions are necessary to facilitate the scheduled line maintenance of the National Grid Corporation of the Philippines (NGCP) along its Davao-Digos 69kV Transmission Line.
To keep the power interruptions within the least possible time, loads fromDigos Line will be transferred to Davao Line which will take place on April29, Sunday. Normalization or return of loads back to its normal set-up willbe on April 30, Monday, after NGCP's maintenance works will be completed.

  Affected by these power interruptions are the power consumers in the entireDumoy and Toril areas. Particularly affected are those from URC near Brgy.Hall in Bago Aplaya going to Baracatan Toril including customers in BagoAplaya, Dumoy Proper, Mergrande, Rosalina Village, Bago Gallera, Dacoville,Aquasur, Eden, Marapangi and Kilate.
Customers in Toril  Proper,  Toril  Fishport,  Lubogan, Bangkas, Alambre,Binugao and Baracatan will also be experiencing the said power outages.
Also affected are some of Davao City Water District's pumping stations inthe south.

DENR-XI launches P7.2M political boundary survey in Sta. Cruz

STA. CRUZ, Davao del Sur, Apr. 26 – The Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR-XI) launched on Tuesday (April 24) its P7.2 million-worth political boundary survey in this town in order to define the metes and bounds of the 18 Barangays here.

DENR-XI’s Lands Management Service (LMS) headed by Regional Technical Director (RTD) for LMS Atty. Felix S. Alicer will spearhead the survey. Alicer oriented the Barangay Captains about the survey, emphasizing that it is one of the priority programs of DENR Secretary Ramon J.P. Paje.

A technical conference will also be conducted for barangays with boundary conflicts, so that agreements can be reached if possible and their boundaries can be defined, he said.    

He said the LGU will not be shedding any amount for the survey and technical assistance because it is being funded by the World Bank. The DENR-XI official urged the LGU to take advantage of the assistance to solve political boundary conflicts.

Sta. Cruz Vice-Mayor Alexis C. Almendras who represented Mayor Joel A. Lopez said that the political boundary survey for their municipality is a much awaited activity. Almendras assured the full support and cooperation of the LGU with DENR in implementing the survey.

Alicer explained that the political boundary survey is very important in order to hasten the quieting land titles in the country, thus preventing unnecessary land conflicts in the future. “Political boundaries give a particular city or locality areas/lines up to which a particular political entity can exercise its authority.

It will also provide bases for the tourism, infrastructure, economic and development plans of a given Local Government Units (LGUs),” he stated. Political Boundary Survey is one of the activities under Cadastral Survey provided for in Republic Act 2259 or the Cadastral Act.

Cadastral survey is a survey of extensive areas covering a municipality, city or a portion thereof for general land registration proceedings, agricultural development, and other purposes.

It is geared towards establishing project control points, political boundaries and lot surveys. The launching of the political boundary survey in Sta. Cruz was attended by Barangay Captains, municipal officials and other concerned agencies. (DENR-XI)

Govt troops foil NPA attack, 4 NPAs, 1 Cafgu killed

DAVAO CITY, Apr. 26 – Government troops foiled the attack of more or less 30 Organized Crime Group - New People’s Army (OCG-NPA) in an encounter that transpired at about 1:45 pm on Wednesday, April 25, 2012. Lt. Col. Alexis Bravo, commander of Infantry Battalion, disclosed that the OCG-NPAs were on board one hijacked forward truck when they attacked Talusob Detachment in Brgy. Bacungan, Magsaysay, Davao del Sur.

Bravo said the government troops have defended the detachment well, and were not discouraged to fight back during the encounter. The fire fight lasted for 45 minutes.

“The failed attack is an indication that these OCG-NPAs continue to weaken and now losing their mass base support,” Bravo said. He lauded the Cafgu members who repulsed the attack despite being outnumbered.

“We commend our troops’ courage and valor,” stated Bravo who has operational jurisdiction in the said area. Cafgu Active Auxiliary (CAA) Leonardo Cainglet was killed in action (KIA) while another Cafgu identified as Dionato Obias was slightly wounded on the said attack.

Bravo also revealed that the OCG-NPAs left two of their dead companions while two more comrades were dead as reported by local residents. He said that after the failed attack, the OCG-NPAs withdrew and abducted five local residents of Brgy. San Miguel, the adjacent barangay of Bacungan, all of Magsaysay town, as their human shield and carrier of the wounded NPA.

Bravo identified the victims as Vicente Bunal, Jolly Paimalan, Elmer Entes, Rhyan Banua and Pablo Butaya. One horse of a local resident of said barangay was also used as carrier. The government troops were able to recover one M14 rifle, one USAS 12 gauge shotgun, fragmentation grenade, assorted ammunitions and 20 backpacks.

“We will give appropriate awards and benefits to our casualties and we will be more determined to implement our genuine Peace and Development efforts as our commitment to the community who are vulnerable to OCG-NPA criminalities,” Bravo said.

According to 1002nd Brigade Commander, Col. Glorioso V. Miranda, this violent action by the lawless armed group was aimed at intimidating the civilians who are supportive of the presence of 27th IB peace and development teams in their barangay. (10th ID)

ARENA-XI “Serbisyo Caravan” to bring surgical mission to DavSur town

By Carina L. Cayon

DAVAO CITY, Apr. 26 (PIA) – Residents of the municipality of Malita in Davao del Sur province will benefit on Friday (April 27) from a surgical mission to be provided in the “Serbisyo Caravan” by the Association of Regional Executives of National Agencies in Davao Region (ARENA-XI).

ARENA-XI will bring the surgical mission to said town as one of the major highlights in the “Serbisyo Caravan,” a one-stop-shop delivery of programs and services by some 47 national government agencies in the region. Dr. Rosario Mosqueda, municipal health officer of Malita, said the surgical operations will include thyroidectomy as a major surgery, and hydrocelectomy as a medium operation.

Mosqueda explained that thyroidectomy is an operation that involves the surgical removal of all or part of the thyroid gland, while hydrocelectomy is a procedure to remove pockets of fluid that develop around a patient’s testicle.

She said about a hundred patients will undergo minor surgeries such as removal of cysts that developed outside the body. The surgical operations will all be carried out in Malita Municipal District Hospital.

As of today, 28 personnel including doctors and nurses from the Davao Regional Hospital (DRH) in Tagum City are in the recipient town to prepare for the actual operations.

ARENA-XI President and Department of Budget and Management Regional Director Achilles Gerard C. Bravo said doctors and nurses from the Southern Philippines Medical Center (SPMC) and Department of Health (DOH) will also help in the surgical mission.

Bravo said another major highlight of the “Serbisyo Caravan” in Malita is the distribution of the Conditional Cash Transfer (CCT) pay-outs by the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) to around 500 Pantawid Pilipino (4Ps) beneficiaries of said municipality.

He said the same services provided by the 47 NGAs in the municipality of Sta. Cruz, also of Davao del Sur on April 20, will also be poured in Malita which is the 5th town recipient of the caravan in the entire region.

The ARENA-XI president cited that the Department of Education will be handing over 150 bags with school supplies to pre-school pupils, while the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) will be giving out 1,000 pencils to kindergarten pupils. DOH will distribute medicines amounting to P25,000. “Serbisyo Caravan is a novel approach to public service,” stated Bravo.

“This is one way of informing our people that the taxes they pay to the government is being used properly, and that services go directly to the people,” he added.

Just like the first three town recipients of the caravan, Sta. Cruz and Malita were chosen because of high incidence of poverty based on the statistics from National Economic and Development Authority (NEDA), and with armed conflicts based on the data from the 39th Infantry Battalion.

The previous “Serbisyo Caravans” were conducted last year in Boston and Cateel of Davao Oriental and Nabunturan of Compostela Valley. (PIA-11/Carina L. Cayon)

Football seen to become grassroots sports

TAGUM CITY, Davao del Norte, April 26 (PIA) – Football will soon become a grassroots sports in Davao Region now that the Philippine Football Federation (PFF) has launched the National Football Grassroots Development Program in the Davao Region at the Energy Park in Tagum City.

In an interview, PFF National Head for Events Management and Training Cyril Dofitas expressed optimism that the grassroots program on Football would pave way for such sports to widely gain acceptance at the grassroots especially that PFF had forged partnership with Suzuki Philippines.

With support from Suzuki, PFF is linking with 33 provincial sports associations to implement the grassroots sports program which PFF calls Kasibulan through which coaches are trained in workshop seminars to handle Football training among children, Dofitel explained.

“Kasibulan, meaning a seed that is being nurtured until it grows,” he said. “Without a grassroots program, the success of any sports will not be considered long term,” he explained referring to one of the program objectives to train children on how to play football.

Though he refused to divulge the amount, Dofitel revealed that Suzuki Philippines committed financial assistance for training of trainors, for holding competitions on football, provision of practice balls and for mobilization of PFF officials to the regional grassroots program activities.

Suzuki Philippines President Satoshi Uchida spoke well of the Filipino spirit on sports during the National Football Grassroots Development Program launching and  holding of   the regional PFF Suzuki Under 23 (U23) National Cup held at the Energy Park in Tagum City.

Uchida  noted that the success of Filipino Football players in some international games “are living testimonies why Suzuki Philippines continues to pledge for the sports development in the country.” Meanwhile, Tagum City Mayor Rey T. Uy expressed commitment to push for the development of the grassroots program on Football saying, providing a “good venue” to play Football is one of the key assistance that local governments have to  provide  for  Football to gain grassroots acceptance. “It would be hard if there would be no area to play Football,” he said in dialect in a press conference.

As Tagum City played host to the Under 23 National Footbal Cup between Comval Gold team of Compostela Valley and Tagum Palm City team, Uy opened the doors of the Energy Park to provide a wide area to play Football.  

On the other hand, boys who were among those invited as subjects of  the PFF Suzuki coaching training for trainors, found  Football a worthwhile sports to engage in during this summer season.

In an interview during  the same occasion,  13-year old boys from Kapalong, Davao del Norte: Philip Motas, John Paul Lorenzo,  Denmark Amadeo and Jake Gelicame said they longer lingered around their neighborhood since they took part in the Football training. “Dili nako sige ug suroy, sige dula internet.

Practice nako Football sa balay.  (I no longer linger around, playing internet games.  I practice Football when at home.),” he said.    

The launching of  the National Grassroots Development Program along with the holding of the PFF Suzuki U23 National Cup regional level were held  simultaneously with the closing  of the five-day training for trainors  conducted in line with the grassroots sports development program for Football.  (PIA-11/Jeanevive Duron-Abangan)

Lusong sa kalsada sugdan sa Mayo

Aron daling masulbad ang dakong problema sa mga kadalanan sa ComVal nga nangadaot sa bagyong Sendong ug sa kusog nga mga pag-ulan niadtong mga bulan sa Enero ug Pebrero, sugdan na sa Mayo ang mas gipalapdang Lusong sa Kalsada ni Gov. Uy nga pagasalmotan sa probinsiya ug mga kalungsuran. Kini maoy nakab-ot nga kasabotan atol sa usa ka Joint Meeting sa mga staff sa Provincial Engineer’s Office (PEO) ComVal, ug sa Municipal Engineers sa 11 ka mga lungsod nga gitabangan pagdumala nila ni PEO Chief Rhoderick Digamon ug Executive Assistant Macario Humol sa kapitolyo niadtong Abril 19,2012.

Segun nasabotan, ilang gimugna ang duha ka team sa patrabahoong heavy equipments-usa sa distrito-1 ug laing usa sa distrito-2. Kada team dunay napulo ka heavy equipments nga naglangkob sa usa ka back hoe, 1-loader, 1-road roller, 2-grader, ug 5-dump trucks nga maoy modungan pagtrabaho aron daling mahuman pagpang-ayo ang mga karsada.

Matag LGU motampo sa dili momenos usa ka ekwipo, ug kini dugangan sa probinsiya aron makompleto ang required equipments sa kada team nga motrabaho sa himoong lusong. Gikasabotan sad nga ang probinsiya maoy moabaga sa gamitong krudo sa ayuhong Provincial Road Sections. Samtang, ang Municipal LGU maoy moabaga sa krudo kon ang tabangan ug ayo mao ang Municipal Roads ug Brgy. Roads sulod sa iyang teritoryo. Nagkasabot sad sila atol sa bag-o nahumang meeting nga maoy unang tabangan ug ayo ang daot nga Provincial Road  Sections tungod kay sama sa National Roads, busy kaayo kining karsadaha nga maoy nagkutay ug nagsumpay aron maglahos ang tanang Brgy. ug Municipal Roads.

Ang pipila sa mga Provincial Road Sections nga unahon pagtrabaho ilalom sa lusong mao ang 11.5 km. nga Sto. Niño-Panag-Cogonon Road sa New Bataan, ang 10 km. nga Araibo-Las Arenas-Tagugpo Section sa Pantukan ug Maragusan, ang 5 km. nga Anitapan-Mascareg-Luhog Section sa Mabini, ang 16.30 km. nga Elizalde-Panamin-Anitapan Section sa Maco ug Mabini, ug ang 49.08 km. nga Elizalde-New Leyte-Cambagang Section nga mao nagkutay aron maglahos ang mga lungsod sa Mawab, Maco, ug Maragusan.

Apil sad nga ayuhon mao ang 15.80 km. nga Nabunturan-Saosao-Nuevo Iloco section sa Nabunturan ug Mawab, ang 17 Km. nga San Roque-San Vicente Junction Highway sa Montevista ug Nabunturan, ang 17.85 km. nga Nabunturan-Gabi-Compostela Section sa Nabunturan ug Compostela, ang 8.80 km. nga Banlag-Casoon Section sa Monkayo, ug ang 13.30 km. nga Maragusan-Magcagong-Parasanon-Paloc Section sa Maragusan. Human sa Provincial roads magsunod dayon ang lusong sa pagpang-ayo sa Municipal ug Brgy. roads.

Apan ang final identification niini iduso sa municipal mayors panahon sa  ilang LMP Meeting nga dumalahon ni LMP Chair Mayor Reynaldo Navarro sa Laak. (gilbert cabahug/ids comval)

Comval gipangandaman ang pag-abot ni Agriculture Sec. Alcala sa Mayo 10

Hugot karong gipangandaman sa liderato sa probinsiya sa Compostela Valley ang gitakdang pag-abot ni Agriculture Secretary Proceso Alcala sa kapitolyo karong Mayo 10, ug kabahin sa gihimong pagpangandam gidumala ni Gov. Arturo “Chiongkee” Uy ang usa ka meeting kauban sila si OIC D.A.

Region XI Executive Director Constancio C. Maghanoy ug PAGRO Chief Dr.Rolando Semene sa Governor’s Conference Room sa kapitolyo niadtong Abril 17 sa buntag. Kini aron han-ayon ang order of activities, ug ang uban pang mga kinahanglanon aron maseguro nga komportable gyod ang D.A. Secretary sa iyang pag-abot sa probinsiya.

Ang mga kalihokan sa iyang pag-abot pagasugdan pinaagi sa usa ka working breakfast uban sa gobernador sa alas 8:00 sa buntag kauban ang tanang Municipal Mayors sa 11 ka mga lungsod, SP Members nga gipanguluhan ni Vice Gov.Ramil Gentugaya,  ug si Cong. Maricar Zamora ug Cong. Rommel Amatong.

Gikasabotan sad nga panahon sa working breakfast dunay usa ka Audio Visual Presentation (AVP), ug pinaagi niini ipahibalo sa probinsiya ug sa mga kalungsuran ngadto sa D.A. Secretary ang lain-laing mga proyekto sa Department of Agriculture nga giimplementar sa mga kabaranggayan sa Comval nga naglakip niadtong mga proyekto nga nahuman, proyekto nga padayon pa nga ginatrabaho, ug kadtong mga proyekto nga aprobado na sa D.A. ug gitakdang pagasugdan karong tuiga.

Ipahibalo sad ang proposed agricultural projects sa Comval nga maoy pangayoon sa probinsiya ug mga kalungsuran nga tabangan sa kauluhan pinaagi sa paggahin ug pundo.

Sa Alas 10:00 sa buntag, si Secretary Alcala kuyog sa tanang mga opisyal sa probinsiya ug mga kalungsuran mangadto sa Nabunturan National Comprehensive High School Gymnasium aron himamaton ang mokabat 700 ka mga mangunguma nga bag-o lang migradwar sa nagapadayong pagtuon sa Agrikultura ilalom sa Farmer Fields School (FFS) Program ni Governor Uy nga gitabangan pag-implementar sa Probinsya pinaagi sa PAGRO ug sa Municipal LGUs pinaagi sa MAGRO. (gilbert cabahug/ids comval)

CVSP Scholars gitanyagan ug trabaho

Compostela Valley Province - Duha gyod ka mga kompanya ang mitanyag ug trabaho sa CVSP Scholars nga migradwar sa ilang pagtungha karong tuiga, ug mismong si Gov. Arturo “Chiongkee” Uy maoy malipayong nagpahibalo niini atol sa  gihimong General Assembly ug Carpe Diem niadtong Abril 20, sa tanang daang CVSP Scholars nga nagatungha sulod sa School Year 2011-2012 nga giapilan niadtong mga migradwar karong tuiga ug niadtong magpadayon pa sa  ilang pagtungha.

Matud ni Gov. Uy atol sa iyang paghatag ug mensahe, nga mapasalamaton siya kay ang Apex Mining Company ug Southernland Call Center Agency nakig-uban kanila aron sa pagpahibalo nga ang mga eskolar sa probinsiya nga nakahuman na sa ilang pagtuon maoy gihatagan ug priority sa duha ka kompanya alang sa Job Inteview nga maoy mamahimong bentaha nila sa ubang mga applikante sa gihanyag nga trabaho.

Ang Edukasyon matud sa gobernador maoy maghatag ug dakong kausaban sa kinabuhi sa tawo gikan sa iyang kawad-on ug kalisud ngadto sa maayong kahimtang.

Mao nga iyang gipaningkamotan nga matabangan usab sa gobyerno ang mga kabataan nga makapadayon sa ilang pagtungha pinaagi sa paggahin ug dakong pundo alang sa scholarship program.

Apan luyo sa dakong oportunidad nga gihatag kanila, kinahanglan sad nga ilang paningkamotan  nga makaangkon sila ug taas nga kinaadman pinaagi sa pagkugi ug tuon.

Kay kini maoy mamahimo nilang bahandi nga maghatag ug dakong kausaban sa ilang kinabuhi gikan sa kawad-on ngadto sa hamugaway nga kahimtang.

Gipasabot sa gobernador nga sama kanila siya usab usa ka scholar, ug gani duha lamang sila nga nahimong palaran nga nakapasar sa scholarship exam niadtong 1969 sa Mindanao State University (MSU) sa Marawi City. Apan wala lang siya magdayon pagtungha didto tungod sa pag duha-duha sa seguridad sa lugar, labi na nga kusog kaayo didto niadtong panahona ang rallies ug demonstration.

Mao nga diha na lang siya nag-eskuwela sa kursong Engineering sa UM, Davao City tungod kay nag-excel siya sa Mathematics. Sama kanila, matud sa gobernador nga gikan sad siya sa kabus nga pamilya ug gani panahon sa iyang kabatan-on iya sad nga naagian ang pagpanigom ug botelya kauban ang iyang mga igsoon aron sila makatan-aw ug sine. Kay 25 centavos pa lang ang bayad sa sinehan kaniadto.

Dakog natabang kaniya ang kaestrikto sa iyang amahan sa edukasyon nga maoy nakahatag kaniya ug dugang kadasig nga maningkamot aron makahuman sa  iyang pagtuon.

Tungod sa iyang kasinatian nga lisud  magtungha nga walay kwarta mao nga sa iyang paglingkod isip gpobernador sa probinsiya iyang gipaningkamotan nga matabangan ang mga estudyante pinaagi sa mas gipalapdang scholarship program. (gilbert cabahug/ids comval)

ADB ug DSWD nakadayeg sa ATU Peace Program sa Comval

Tungod sa maayong sistema sa pag-implementar sa Probinsiya sa mga proyektong imprastraktura sa mga kabaranggayan sa 11 ka lungsod sa Compostela Valley subay ang sistema sa KALAHI CIDDS, hugot karon nga gidayeg sa mga dagkong opisyal sa Asian Development Bank (ADB) ug sa DSWD ang ATU Peace Program ni Gov. Arturo “Chiongkee” Uy.

Niadtong Abril 18, mibisita sa kapitolyo ang mga dagkong opisyal sa ADB sa pagpanguna ni Joel Mangahas ug ni Dir. Edgar G. Pato -  KC-National Project Manager sa DSWD ug mga kauban, aron sa pagpahigayon sa ilang scoping mission nga naglakip sa pag-evaluate sa lig-on nga koordinasyon tali sa DSWD ug sa Provincial LGU sa gihimong pag-implementar sa programang “Kapit-Bisig Laban sa Kahirapan-Comprehensive and Integrated Delivery of Social Serevices” kon KALAHI-CIDDS sa DSWD sa mga kabaranggayan.

Ang sistema sa paghatag ug mga proyekto ilalom sa programang KALAHI-CIDDS nagustuhan pag-ayo sa gobernador, ug tungod niini iya sad nga gimugna ang programang ATU-PEACE kon Assistance Towards Unity for Progress thru Empowerment, Accountability, Cooperation, and Efficiency, nga mao ang susamang version sa KALAHI-CIDDS sa DSWD apan  ang pundo sa probinsiya maoy gigamit alang sa giimplementar nga mga proyekto.

Ilalom sa ATU-PEACE kadtong mga Baranggay nga wala pay infra projects nga gihatag ang probinsiya maoy priority nga tagaan ug P300,000.00 pesos alang sa proyektong infra, apan ang mga katawhan mismo sa barangay maoy mopili sa proyekto nga gusto nilang iimplementar sa ilang Barangay.

Ang paghatag ug kahigayonan sa mga katawhan sa Brgy. nga makapili sa proyekto nga ihatag kanila sa gobyerno maoy usa mga labing mahinungdanong pamaagi sa DSWD pinaagi sa programang KALAHI-CIDDS  sa paghatag ug mga proyekto nga gisundog sa probinsiya ilalom sa ATU-PEACE Program sa gobernador.

Sa mokabat 251 ka mga Brgy. sa Comval, duna nay 166 ka mga Barangay sa 11 ka mga lungsod ang nakadawat ug proyekto gikan sa ATU PEACE Program ni Gov. Uy, nga nakahurot sa pundo nga mokabat P49.8M pesos gikan sa panudlanan sa probinsiya.

Siyam na ka Barangay ang nahatagan diha sa Pantukan, 8 sa Mawab, 14 sa Montevista, 32 ka barangay sa Laak, 18 sa Nabunturan, 16 sa Maragusan, 14 sa Monkayo, 11 sa Compostela, 24 na sa Maco, ug 10 na sad sa Mabini.

Sa 2012  naggahin na sad si Gov. Uy ug P25.2 Milyones alang sa 3rd batch aron ihatag sa lain pang 84 ka mga barangay sa probinsiya nga wala pa makadawat ug proyekto gikan sa ATU-PEACE. (gilbert cabahug/ids comval)

DTI nag pahimangno niining bag-o ngadto sa mga gagmay na manidahay kabahin sa sub-standard na produkto

DAVAO CITY - “Whoever is caught selling sub-standard products will be liable for violating the product Standards Law of the Philippines.”Kini maoy gipamulong karon ni Teolulo T. Pasawa, provincial director sa Department of Trade and Industry-Davao City Field Office (DTI-DCFO) agi ug tubag sa mga protesta ug mulo sa pipila ka mga nanagiya ug tindahan nga namugos nga dili dapat sila pahatagan sa silot tungod kay sila namaligya lamang kung unsa ang gihatag kanila gikan sa mga suppliers.

Sa pag komentaryo ngadto sa mga pangutana ug isyu nga gipasaka sa mga partisipante sa usa ka gipahigayaon nga meeting sa consuer welfare desk officers nining bag-uhay lamang, si Pasawa nagpadayag nga ang mga nagahimo ug mga nag-angkat kinahanglan nga pagasiguraduhon nga kung unsa ang ilang gibuhat nga produkto ug ang gidala nila nganhi sulod sa atong nasud gikinahanglan nga nahaum ug nagsunod sa gitawag nga Philippine Product Standards.

Usab iyang gidugang sa pag sulti nga ang mga retailers ang usab gikinahanglan nga mag baligya sa produktong nakasunod sa Philippine Product Standards kung ang ilang gibaligya nalakip sa gitawag ug mandatory standards.Si Pasawa nagkanayon nga ang Department Administrative Order No. 2 series of 2007 klaro nga nagpadayag sa responsibilidad sa mga manufacturers, importers, traders, wholesalers, distributors, retailers ug uban pang mga agents.

Adunay mukabat sa 90 ka mga produkto nga nahisakop sa mandatory standards kauban niini ang mga musunod: electrical products susama sa switches, plugs ug outlets, wires, compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs), fluorescent tubes, polyvinyl chloride (PVC) electrical tape; construction materials  susama sa semento, lansang, steel bars galvanized iron (GI) sheets; fire extinguishers, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) cylinders, ceramic and sanitary wares. (PIA -11/Albert D. Cahilog)

Legarda Calls for Sustainable and Climate-Resilient Mining Practices

Senator Loren Legarda called for the sustainable and responsible development of the country’s mineral resources and stressed that the effects of climate change should be considered in mining activities.

Legarda, who is keynote speaker at the mining conference organized by the Association of Law Students of the Philippines at the Ateneo de Davao University, said that while the regulation of the mining industry and enforcement of mining policies remain a great challenge to the government, there is another emerging concern—the mining activities’ propensity to exacerbate the impacts of climate change.

“The design of mining infrastructure based on weather information prior to the projections of climate change may cause disasters of greater magnitude when extreme weather events occur,” she pointed out.

She explained that intense rainfall could trigger massive erosion especially in areas already prone to landslides as what happened in a small-scale mining community in Pantukan, Compostela Valley. Landslides triggered by incessant rains occurred in the said community in April 2011 and earlier this year, killing no less than 50 individuals.

Legarda noted that a geo-hazard map of Pantukan revealed that its topography and geological features make it vulnerable to landslides, among other hazards. Despite a “no habitation policy” ordered in areas identified as landslide-prone, small-scale miners opted to stay in the mining sites.

“These instances reveal the need to strictly regulate the mining sector, from small-scale to large-scale operations. As espoused by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) in the Philippine Strategy on Climate Change Adaptation, the government must delineate areas suitable for mineral resources development based on scientific information on climate change risks and vulnerability of ecosystems and communities,” the Senator explained.

“Community-based management programs of mineralized and mining areas must be reviewed to ensure direct participation of host and climate-vulnerable communities in decision-making. Current and future mining operations and infrastructure must be climate-proof and a communication plan on hazards related to mining and climate change must be implemented,” she added.

Among the other concerns she raised include the practice of responsible mining especially the mining companies’ commitment to implement environmental protection programs and social development initiatives that would ensure the progress of host and neighboring communities.

Legarda also stressed that the government should get fair share from mining activities by private companies thru royalties, and that the rights of indigenous peoples, especially over their ancestral domain, must be respected.

“Every decision we will make is crucial, it can either build better lives for our people and contribute to national development or cause the destruction of the communities, our environment, and the very lives the State aims to protect.

We must aim for sustainable and responsible development of the country’s mineral resources and the protection of our people’s means of life and progress,” Legarda concluded.

“Every Woman is a Hero”-Councilor Shalani Soledad-Romulo

Compostela Valley – The Municipal gymnasium of New Bataan town was jam packed with women leaders as the Women Leaders Summit commence last April 24, 2012 with guest of Honour and Speaker Valenzuela City Councilor Shalani Carla Soledad- Romulo.Along with the lady councilor is her husband  Pasig City Congressman Roman Romulo who happens to be the son of former DFA Secretary Roberto Romulo.An accomplished woman leader, Soledad-Romulo pointed out the value and importance of womanhood.

“ Ang babae po laging inuuna ang kapakanan ng asawa at mga anak.Ang pagiging ina po nating mga babae ay hindi natatapos, ang bawat babae ay isang bayani,” (the woman prioritizes the welfare of her husband and the children, our role as mothers will never stop. Every woman is hero) she said.Compostela Valley first district congresswoman Maricar Zamora said she was honored and happy when her good friend Shalani confirmed her attendance to her personal invitation upon the request of Governor Arturo T. Uy.

“Shalani is a good friend of mine. Our first acquaintance is when the two of us was sent to Cambodia for an official travel. Since then, we became text friends. We are very privileged because when I texted her to be with us, she said yes without second thought” Cong. Maricar said.

The lady councilor also said she and her husband will always support the people of Compostela Valley in its continued quest for peace, hope and change.The province-wide Women Leaders Summit is the undertaking of the provincial government as a way of honoring women on women’s month.

More summits are expected in the days to come to complete the 11 municipalities of the province;  a brainchild of Governor Arturo Uy as a way of recognizing the role of the women in attaining progress and development in Compostela Valley.  (Rodielyn A. Manugas-IDS COMVAL)

New minimum wage hike in R-XI effective May 1

DAVAO CITY April 25 (PIA)- Minimum wage earners in the Davao Region will get a P10 increase in the Cost of Living Allowance which will be effective this coming May 1.

The additional P10.00 in the worker’s COLA will up the minimum wage of the region from P260- P291 to a range of P270.00- P301.00. This is the second tranche of the P15.00 COLA increase set under Wage Order No. RB XI-17 issued last December 2011. The first tranche of P5.00 was implemented in January 1 of this year.

The Regional Tripartite Wages and Productivity Board (RTWPB-XI) issued the Wage Order No. RB XI-17 which sets the pay of non-agricultural workers and those employed in the retail and service establishment with more than ten workers to P301.00 per day.

This consists of a basic minimum wage pay of P286.00 and aggregate COLA of P15.00. While those in the agricultural sector will get P276.00 and those working in retail and service establishments with less than ten workers will receive P275.00.

According to Department of Labor and Employment –XI regional director Joffrey Suyao, the RTWPB  last September of 2011 on its own (motu propio) initiated a  hearing to determine the necessity of a wage increase in the region. The findings prompted the board to issue such COLA adjustment.

Suyao said that numerous hearings and deliberations were conducted, the tripartite board members armed with current data of regional economic indicators to ascertain the levels of adjustment. Suyao said that the wage order will help get reprieve for minimum wage earners constantly dealing with increasing prices of basic commodities.

Aside from the new minimum wage hikes, DOLE-XI will be conducting massive job fairs in two large malls in Davao City; the SM City Mall and the Gaisano Mall of Davao. These two-day job fairs will be held from May 1-2 as part of the May 1 Labor Day celebrations. (PIA 11/RG Alama)

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Dabaw nga 911 naghimo sa usa ka bike-riding Quick Response Team

DAVAO CITY April 24 – Ang Davao Central 911 Communication and Emergency Response Center karon ang nagtukod sa usa ka hanas nga grupo nga magsakay sa usa ka motorsiklo aron maoy muresponde sa mga emerhensiya. “Its main purpose is to conduct initial assessment on the field.” Maoy sulti karon ni Nelson Vallejo sa Central 911.

Ang Quick Response Team magsakay unya sa motorsiklo nga adunay mga jump-kits nga mamahimong gamiton sa usa ka emergency medical nga sitwasyon. Kung grabe unya ang maong nakitang sitwasyon ang maong nagresponde mamahimong mutawag aron sa pag padala sa usa ka ambulansya.

Si Vallejo nagkanayon nga ang maong grupo makatabang sa pagpakunhod sa ilang gitawag ug response time nga anaa sa kasagaran nga kinse minutos (15 minutes). Ang maong grupo gihimo susama sa mga European nga nasud sama sa United Kingdom.

Ang maong mga motorsiklo ang makalikay sa duot unya sa traffic ug daling maka-abot ngadto sa mga biktima sa hamubong panahon. Ang maong mga responders usab ang gibansay kini sa first aid.

Aduna usab sila dala nga mga first aid jump kits alang unya sa mga samad ug gagmay tanke sa oxygen. Adunay karoy unom ka mga bag-ong motorsiklo ang gi-andam alang sa bag-ong grupo; ang maong grupo ang kasamtangang nagbansay sa pagsakay sa motor.

Ug sila unya ipahimutang sa mga gitawag nga satellite stations sa 911 diha sa Panacan ug Toril. Ang maong kabag-uhan maoy pipila lamang sa mga inisyatibo nga gihimo karon sa Central 911 nga sa kasamtangan gidumala sa bag-ong pangulo nga si Emmanuel Jaldon.

Usa sa mga inisyatibo unya mao ang P3-million nga Mobile Tracking System nga makatabang sa pag monitor sa nag responde nga mga 911 nga  sakyanan. Kini gidonar sa Davao Light and Power Company niadtong nilabay nga Enero sa kasamtangang tuig.

Ang ETS maoy usa ka ideya ug proyekto sa kupanya sa enerhiya nga mao si Jim Aboitiz. Adunay mukabat sa 28 ka mga gitawag ug trackers ang gibutang karon ngadto sa mga sakyanan sa 911.

Aduna usab gibutang sa mga sakyanan sa diha sa mga police mobile patrol nga nahimutang sa city’s Public Safety Command Center. (PIA – 11/Albert Cahilog)  

Another 200 mangrove trees planted at Baltic Tree Park

DAVAO ORIENTAL – Trees that thrive in sea also grow in fresh water.Another 200 seedlings of mangrove trees were planted at a swampy area of fresh water at the Baltic Tree Park located along the National Highway in Barangay Pintatagan, Banaybanay, this province.

Sometime, in October last year, Cesar Lanos together with other ENRO personnel assigned in Pintatagan gathered 150 seedlings of mangrove tree at Sitio Tagdodo seashore, planted all at the Baltic Tree Park and fortunately, most of the seedlings survived. The Barangay Government of Pintatagan also donated 50 hills of bagged mangroves in November last year, and were planted in the area and survived.

Last March 2012, said area was planted with 150 hills of mangrove and also survived.OIC-ENRO Dante M. Ganir also instructed Lanos to plant additional nipa at the back of the area planted with mangroves because nipa also grows in swampy area of fresh water.

Around 250 hills of nipa seedlings and five hills of yellow bamboo were already planted in the area. Baltic Tree Park is one of the projects under the Million Trees Movement of Davao Oriental.  It was named Baltic Tree Park as a Tribute to the late Col. Eulogio C. “Yul/Baltic” Baltazar for his dedication in the conservation and protection of the environment in Davao Oriental.

The Baltic Tree Park is developed and maintained by ENRO personnel Cesar M. Lanos, Joseph Francisco, Jonil Toroba, Alben Garuda, Elbany Deliquiado and Eddie Antolin, assisted by PCSU personnel Titing Gadjali and Larry Ibnohajan with the close supervision of OIC-ENRO Ganir. (IPID News Service)

Davao Or earns P8.4-M from sand, gravel taxes in 3 months

DAVAO ORIENTAL – As early as April 4 of this year, the Provincial Government of Davao Oriental had already collected an amount of P8,366.789.10 from sand and gravel and SSMP-Phil Youbang taxes alone.        

In a report submitted by CDA II Derbert General, team leader of Environment and Natural Resources Office (ENRO) to OIC ENRO Dante Ganir, showed that through the conduct of Mobile Monitoring Points, site inspections and verification to all barangays with possible quarry outlet within the City of Mati, and in the municipalities of San Isidro, Governor Generoso and in other parts of the province, the reason why said amount was collected.        

The team of General that include CDA II Donald Benigno and CDA I Aldrin Espinosa also attended sessions and assemblies in different barangays tackling the issue on mining and sand and gravel.        

The Team also conducted regular monitoring on the extraction of sand and gravel in different barangays including the transportation of mineral ores.        

The team revealed that through the order of OIC ENRO Ganir to conduct regular monitoring and sites inspection on the operation of sand and gravel, the said amount of collected revenue was made possible.        

Barangays where the operation of sand and gravel is located will receive 40 per cent share from the total amount of the collected revenue, 30 per cent will go to the city or municipality and 30 per cent share  to the provincial government. (Sarx Lanos/IPID News)

DTI warns retailers anew on sub-standard products

Whoever is caught selling sub-standard products will be liable for violating the Product Standards Law of the Philippines. Teolulo T. Pasawa, provincial director of the Department of Trade and Industry-Davao City Field Office (DTI-DCFO) issued this statement in response to protests of some store owners who insist that they should not be penalized since they are only selling what their suppliers provide them.

In commenting on questions and issues raised by the participants of the consumer welfare desk officers meeting recently, Pasawa explained that manufacturers and importers must ensure that what they manufacture or bring into the country comply with Philippine product standards.

But he quickly added that retailers must also offer for sale only products that comply with the Philippine Product Standards if what they are selling is covered by mandatory standards. Pasawa said Department Administrative Order No. 2 series of 2007 clearly states the responsibilities of manufacturers, importers, traders, wholesalers, distributors, retailers and their agents.

There are about 90 products covered by mandatory standards which includes the following: electrical products such as switches, plugs and outlets, wires, compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs), fluorescent tubes, polyvinyl chloride (PVC) electrical tape; construction materials such as cement, nails, steel bars, galvanized iron (GI) sheets; fire extinguishers, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) cylinders, ceramic and sanitary wares. DTI-DCFO/BoyC/jmm

Mayor Uy throws full support to football grassroots dev’t program

By City Information Office- Tagum

CITY OF TAGUM, DAVAO DEL NORTE - Mayor Rey T. Uy extended his administration’s full support to the country’s search for the next best football players in time for the kick-off of the National Football Grassroots Development Program undertaken by the Philippine Football Federation (PFF) here last April 22, 2012 at Energy Park, Barangay Apokon, Tagum City.

Speaking to journalists and media men during the press conference prior to the start of the games, the local chief executive stressed the importance of engaging the youth in sports to keep them busy.

Mayor Uy underscored the importance of the strong commitment by local government units to sports development, saying that LGUs play an important role in the training of the future athletes who will compete in national or even international sports competitions.

Venues for training, he said, are very important and cited that under his watch, the City Government of Tagum has provided suitable training grounds like the Energy Park and the Rotary Park which housed the city’s major sports and recreational facilities.

“No matter how we train our kids if there are no available spaces for training, our efforts will be futile.” On Sunday, the vast fields of Energy Park developed by the local government in Barangay Apokon played host to the PFF Suzuki U23 National Cup where Compostela Valley’s Comval Gold went head-to-head with the Tagum Palm City Booters representing the province of Davao del Norte.

Comval Gold reigned supreme against the Tagum Palm City Booters during their duel with the score of 3-2. The said competition is dubbed as the local adaptation of the AFF Suzuki Cup, the highly-celebrated football competition organized by the ASEAN Football Federation for football competing national teams in the Southeast Asian Region.

Several kick-offs were held in key cities in the Philippines including Tagum, and is considered to be a preparation for the country’s bid for the 2013 SEA Games. Philippine Azkals Football Members Ian Araneta and RoelGener added flare to the event with their attendance, inspiring kids and amateur football players to “strive and excel.”

Event organizers said they hoped that the attendance of two star players of the Philippine Men’s football team could sustain the city’s flare for this new emerging.


DAVAO CITY – In what was the best way to end 2012’s first quarter, Port Management Office   (PMO)-Davao here welcomed the arrival of NDS Voyages MV Princess Danae carrying a total 371 foreign passengers on March 30 at the Davao Port, Southern Mindanao’s premier international hub.

It is the first ever international cruise ship (registered in Portugal) to have docked at Sasa Wharf, also known as Davao Port, since it started takeover of maritime operations in 1977 by the PPA. Sailing from Marseille, France, the luxury liner which is a member of the Classic International Cruises fleets is on a voyage completing a world tour lasting four months with selected port calls in the Mediterranean, Caribbean, Indian and Pacific coasts.

“It is our great pleasure and pride to be chosen as a destination of choice by a five-star cruise liner,” Port District Manager of the Port District Office-Southern Mindanao and Concurrent Port Manager Atty. Christian V. Santillan of PMO-Davao conveyed.

Pablo Silva, crew purser of the cruise who is of Portuguese descent gave selected staff of the PPA a tour on upper decks of the seven-story ship, featuring its lounges, dining rooms, bars, casino, shop, gym, main show room, sauna and swimming pool.

Silva added that majority of Danae’s passenger cabins enjoy a port hole or window sea view and are supplied with private en-suite facilities. Each guest, upon booking with various travel agencies in Europe pays between 645 and 5,800 Euros depending on the size and locations of their preferred cabins.

At the helm of the sail is Captain Joao Simoes, also a Portuguese national who mans the 16,500 tonnage ship with a total of 107 visitors from various countries in Europe and 264 multi-national crew members including French, Filipinos, Indians, Indonesians, Portuguese and Romanians. Department of Tourism (DOT) Regional Director Arturo Boncato, Jr. revealed that around 90% of the passengers were able to disembark from the vessel to experience and immerse with the Davao community, culture and cuisine through a city tour.

Boncato said the DOT received positive raves about the limited tour package and that the visitors expressed that they wanted to explore other spots such as the Philippine Eagle and the rural areas. Visitors were given floral leis as a form of greeting and were entertained in an hour-long rendition of the Davao region’s song and dances as a welcome gesture upon their arrival in Sasa Wharf.

Local tourist buses/coaches took the foreign visitors to go sightseeing, shopping and even biking in the metropolis. Cruise tourism forms a significant part of the country’s thrusts to open up the potentials of its island-economies for meaningful exchanges leading to lasting partnerships through commerce.

MV Princess Danae arrived in Davao City at 2200 Hours on May 30, spent an overnight and left at 1700 Hours on May 31, local time. Davao was its first port of entry in the Philippines, and from here, it sailed to Cebu City and lastly in Metro Manila.

“We hope that this will encourage other international cruise lines to follow soon because we have proven that our shores are safe and our city is secure,” Atty. Santillan expressed.

Gov. RDR asks quarry permit holders to help prevent floods

TAGUM CITY, Davao del Norte, April 24 (PIA):  Provincial Gov. Rodolfo P. del Rosario yesterday urged quarry permit holders in the province to protect the quarry areas to prevent frequent floods to occur.        

Speaking during the meeting of quarry permit holders with the Provincial Treasurer’s Office  and the Provincial Environment and Natural Resources Office (PENRO), del Rosario  brought to their attention the extreme climatic conditions bringing heavy rains  lasting for more than a day.        

As quarrying is done mostly along rivers, Del Rosario asked them to provide measures to prevent massive flooding that could be aggravated by quarrying.        

He expected them to thresh out some environment-related problems during the meeting which, he said, also aimed at campaigning for additional revenues  to patch up income lost due to the 4.8 percent reduction of the Internal Revenue Allotment (IRA).        

Del Rosario revealed that the provincial government is losing this year about P19 million as a result of the IRA share reduction.        

However, he gladly noted that the quarry industry in the province is contributing to the revenue  coffers of the provincial government.        

Based on PTO data, the quarry industry raised a total of P3,243,375 income  from extraction fees collected within the first quarter of the year.        

If the income trend would be sustained until the year ends, PTO department head Regina Ricafort said the provincial government would be raking  in P12 million to P13 million from its 30 percent revenue share.        

While asking quarry permit holders to religious pay,  Del Rosario assured them that “the money you are paying us will go back to the people in  the form of services.”  (PIA-11/ Jeanevive Duron-Abangan)

DOT XI lauds Visit Samal 2012

ISLAND GARDEN CITY OF SAMAL, April 24 (PIA):  The Department of Tourism (DOT) XI has noted the efforts of the Island Garden City of Samal to drum up its tourism  campaign in line with “It’s more fun in the Philippines” promotion campaign. During the opening rites of  Visit Samal 2012, DOT XI Regional Director Arturo Boncato  was glad that the island city had started creating “noise” about its being a must-see place especially during this summer season.

Boncato noted that its campaign to entice more visitors to take a look and experience Samal Island “has become bigger and grander with stronger participation of the private sector.” Started last year, the Visit Samal 2012 is the second round of promotion campaign aimed at enticing domestic travelers and visitors to come, see and spend time in the island city during the summer season.

This year, it carries a promo line “Where Life Is Fun.” Stretching until July 15, the Visit Samal 2012 lines up various inland and coastal activities done mostly in competitions in sports, music,  beauty pageant, dance, painting, among others. As the island city has started catching attention of domestic visitors country-wide,  Boncato revealed that it will be one of the places-to-see in a visit this month  of the  staff and personnel of BBDO Guerero, the advertising agency which won DOT’s tourism branding campaign.

“It’s a sort of incentive. Instead of going outside the country, they’ll be seeing Davao and Samal Island will be one of the places they will go,” he said. Aside  from supporting the Visit Samal 2012,  DOT XI is also working on a marketing program “bringing Samal out of Mindanao, out of the Philippines,” Boncato said but he did not elaborate how would the marketing would go and when would it start.

In priming the island city to become one of the prime destinations in the country, DOT prioritizes Samal in its convergence project with the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) which DOT has worked with in establishing access roads to tourist destinations.

Aside from the circumferential road that DOT pushes to get done in the island city,  Boncato also pointed on the need for sustainable source of power and water , and a waste management system that he considered as important “before we can take off and become sustainable as a tourist destination.”

Though much remains to be done, Boncato was glad of the Visit Samal activity which puts together  the local government unit , the national government and the private to work together for tourism development. “It has achieved the objective of putting everybody to work behind tourism,”  he said.

Meanwhile,  Island Garden City of Samal Administrator Jon Gales said the city government still maintains its position to develop Samal as “an urban area with a rural setting”.  “It’s  natural endowment  makes Samal attractive.  We are keeping  its natural endowment,” he said. Part of sustaining the natural endowment, the city government wants to ensure sanitation along the stretch of its coastline.

Gales said the city government will be putting in place a technology that would ensure that liquid wastes are sanitized, aside from constructing a sanitary landfill which forms part of the city’s Waste Management Plan.   (PIA-11/ Jeanevive Duron-Abangan)

President earnest in solving Mindanao power woes

DAVAO CITY April 24 (PIA)- The President is earnest in looking for a solution to the Mindanao power crisis, this according to Secretary Lualhati Antonino of the Mindanao Development Authority. Antonino said that the President contacted her shortly after the power summit to discuss the power problem.

Among the recommendations pushed by Mindanao stakeholders during the power summit held last April 13 at the Waterfront Hotel in Davao was the non-privatization of the Agus and Pulangi power plants which supplies about 50% of Mindanao power requirements.

Antonino said among the proposal was the setting up of a Government Owned and Controlled Corporation (GOCC) tentatively called Mindanao Power Corporation or MinPow to handle the plants. “His concerns are that we will lose money if we run it ourselves.” Said Antonino. Government corporations lose money because of political accommodations. She added.However the MinDA chief says that the solution could be to isolate the Agus Pulangi from the National Power Corporation and what is left of the plants and engineers they will manage it.

She bared that a house bill has already been filed by Zamboanga first district Representative Maria Isabelle Climaco for the creation of the Mindanao Power Company. According to Climaco’s bill the MinPow will be a multi-sectoral board which would operate Agus-Pulangi power plants. The idea of the bill is to have Mindanaoans themselves operate the hydro-power plants. Under the Electric Power Industry Reform Act of 2010, the state-owned Agus and Pulangi power plants would have to be sold after 10 years of the law’s implementation, a provision strongly opposed by many Mindanaoans.

The President asked the group to complete their homework particularly the legislation in creating the power company and also to study other options. Antonino said that the President’s power is clipped because of EPIRA which strictly prohibits the government from going into the power industry business. Other measures of addressing the situation included the creation of the One-Stop shop for power companies willing to put up power plants. The shop is intended for those willing to invest in small power plants.

The shop under the MinDA will be able to assist the investors in going thru the processes. Another initiative is the Mindanao Power Monitoring Committee which is a multisectoral group composed of representatives from the electric cooperatives, the Mindanao Business Council, civil society, consumer sectors and other stakeholders.

It aims to check the data from the power companies supplying Mindanao’s power  so that the industry becomes more transparent. It also has oversight functions from the Agus-Pulangi power plants and can make recommendations to the government. The committee is handled by the MinDA and a memorandum of understanding is slated to be signed with the Department of Energy. (PIA 11/RG Alama)

Monday, April 23, 2012

Tungod walay lig-ong basehanan: Bond float batok Humol, Clarin ug mga kauban gibasura sa Ombudsman

Gibasura karon sa Ombudsman ang kasong paglapas kon Violation of R.A. 3019 (Anti-Graft and Corrupt Practices Act) ilalom sa Case no. OMB-M-C-09-0349-H  nga gipasaka nila ni Charlie V. Monforte ug Emilio P. Delos Reyes ngadto ni kanhi Nabunturan Mayor Macario T. Humol ug mga kauban nga sila si Mayor Romeo C. Clarin, Vice Mayor Darwin C. Tan, ug SB Members Iluminada C. Cabuga, Edilberto P. Miñoza, Cheryl A. Trinidad, Felipe B. Masambo, ug Jennifer T. Gamao.

PInaagi sa mokabat 14 ka pahinang decision nga giaprobahan mismo ni Ombudsman  Conchita Carpio Morales niadtong Marso 12,2012,  giklaro niini nga ang gisang-at nga kaso kon mga pasangil batok kanila walay probable cause kon lig-ong basehanan kun tumo-tumo lang maoy hinungdan nga kining kasoha ilang gibasura.

“For resolution in the issue of whether or not there is probable cause to hold respondents liable for violation of R.A. 3019. There is no probable cause to hold respondents liable for violation of RA 3019 … Wherefore, Premises considered, this case is hereby DISMISSED.”

Pinaagi sa kasong kalapasan kon Violation of RA 3019,  gipasangil nila ni Monforte ug Delos Reyes nga dunay nahimong kalapasan si kanhi Mayor Macario Humol  tungod matud pa sa iyang pagpakig-transaction (MOA) sa Preferred Ventures Corporation nga walay SB Authority.

Ilalom sa MOA gikuha matud pa sa LGU Nabunturan ang  serbisyo sa Preferred Ventures nga maoy mamahimong consultant sa planong pagtukod sa bag-ong Public Market sa Nabunturan pinaagi sa Bond Floatation, ug ang serbisyo sa Preferred Ventures niini ingon nga maoy consutant pagabayran sa lungsod ug P2,372,084.53.

Gidali-dali sad matud pa sa SB Members pinanguluhan ni Mayor Clarin nga maoy kanhi Bise Mayor sa Lungsod, ang pagpasar sa Municipal Ordinance No. 2008-10, ug pinaagi sa maong balaonon gitugot ang pamaagi nga bond floatation ngadto sa LCE sa pagpangita’g pundo aron maoy gamiton sa Planning, sa Design, ug sa Construction sa Nabunturan Public Market Project.

Apan sa ilang tubag kini hugtanong gipanghimakak ni kanhi Mayor Humol ug mga kauban sa rason nga dili  tinuod ang mga pasangil sanglit nahasubay sa hustong proseso sa balaod ang tanan nilang lakang kalabot niini. Kalig-onan matud pa nga walay nahitabong pagdali-dali, mao ang nahitabong bidding kauban sa COA. Ang Bayad sa serbisyo sa Preferred Venture dili sad fixed kondili, gikasabotan nga ang ibayad sa ilang serbisyo mao lang ang 3% nga ilang madawat gikan sa malampusong floated bonds.

Sa pagkahimo nga loan free sa LGU Nabunturan sugod niadtong 2006, gipaningkamotan sa kanhi liderato ni Humol nga ma-mentenar ang maong kahimtang  sa lungsod mao nga inay mag-loan gipili sa halos tanang opisyal sa lungsod ang Bond Floatation nga pamaagi sa pagpangita’g pundo aron maoy gamiton sa proyektong pagtukod ug bag-ong palengke.

Hugtanon sad nga gipanghimakak ni Humol ug mga kauban ang pasangil nga siya walay authority gikan sa SB sa pagpakigsabot sa Preferred Ventures sa rason nga dunay Ordinansa ang SB niini nga mao ang Municipal Ordinance no. 2008-10. Apan sa wala pa ang maong ordinansa duna nay resolution kalabot niini ang Sangguniang Bayan nga mao ang SB Resolution no. 2006-173 nga napasar niadto pang Hunyo 6,2006.

Gi-klaro sad ni Humol nga pinaagi sa  planong pagtukod ug 2-storey mall type nga estraktura ug ground stalls, sila naglaom nga mamahimong mas business comfortable area ang bag-ong palengke sa Nabunturan nga maoy makaagni ug magdani sa daghan pang mga dagkong investor nga magtukod sa ilang pamatigayon sa lungsod.

Ilang gipasabot sad nga ang tanang  LGU gitugotan sa balaod ilalom sa Local Government Code sa pag-issue ug bonds, debentures, securities, collaterals, notes, ug uban pa nga makatabang pag-finance sa self-liquidating kon income producing development ug livelihood projects, ug ang katungod sa pagpili sa unsang paagi nga ang LGU makakuha’g pundo alang sa maong tumong anaa sad gihatag sa SB.

Luyo sa pagkamaayong alternatibo sa bond floatation nga maoy himoong pamaagi  aron makakuha’g pundo ang lungsod nga dili pinaagi sa pag-loan sa bangko, kini gipahimuslan sa mga kaatbang sa politika tungod sa pagkabag-o lang niini sa panghuna-huna sa katawhan nga kasagaran wala kaayo makasabot niining paagiha bisan pa nga kini gitugot usab sa balaod.

Pinaagi sa 14 ka pahinang decision, ang Ombudsman nagklaro nga subay sa balaod ang gihimong pagpili sa LGU Nabunturan sa Bond Floatation ug kini tataw matud pa diha sa section 299 sa RA 7160.

Ilalom usab sa maong balaod, matud gihapon sa Ombudsman nga wala say  nahimong kalapasan sila si Mayor Clarin ug mga kauban sa pagpasar sa Municipal Ordinance no. 2008-10 nga mao ang pagpili sa Bond Floatation nga maoy pamaagi nga makakuha’g pundo ang LGU Nabunturan aron gastuhon sa planning, design, ug sa construction sa bag-ong palengke.

Klaro sad matud pa diha sa ordinansa ang terms and conditions, ug ang katuyoan sa issuance sa bonds nahasubay sa aprobado nang Annual Investment Program(AIP) sa LGU nga naglakip sa P90,000,000.00 nga gastuhon pagtukod sa usa ka modernong palengke sa Nabunturan.

Tukma ug subay gyod sa  balaod ang gihimo sa SB ilalom sa pagpanguna ni Clarin sa pagpasar sa maong ordinansa sanglit, una gipatuman sa LGU Nabunturan ang maong ordinansa miagi pa kini sa usa ka makuting pag-review sa Comval SP ug kini giaprobahan sa Sangguniang Panlalawigan niadtong Hulyo 24,2008.

Tungod niini, matud sa Ombudsman nga ang depensa nakapamatuod base sa gipakitang evidence on record nga walay basehanan ang akusasyon nga gisang-at batok kang Humol ug sa iyang mga kauban.

Gipahibalo sad sa Ombudsman pinaagi sa 14 pahinang decision, nga pinaagi sa gipakitang bidding documents, ang pag-hire ug financial advisor nga ilang gihimo nahasubay sa balaod.

Kini tungod kay ang kontrata ngadto sa preferred ventures ingon nga maoy mamahimong financial advisor sa lungsod gihatag man human sa usa ka makuting proseso sa bidding subay ang RA 9184 nga mao ang publication sa invitation to bid ug sa pagpahigayon ug BAC meetings nga naglangkob sa pre-bid conference, eligibility check, short-listing, opening of bids, bid evaluation, post qualification, ug sa award and notice to proceed.

Ang hugtanong pagsubay sa maong proseso nagpamatuod sa pagkawalay lig-ong basehanan sa akusasyong gidali-dali sa mga opisyal ang lakang sa LGU sa diha nga ilang gipili ang Preferred Ventures nga maoy mamahimong financial advisor sa lungsod.

Labi nang walay factual basis matud sa Ombudsman, ang akusasyong gidali-dali ni Mayor Clarin ug mga kauban ang pagpasar sa Municipal Ordiance no. 2008-10 tungod kay ang idea sa pagpili sa bond floatation  nagsugod niadto pang tuig 2006 diin ang daang mga  SB Members nagpasar sa Appropriation Ordinance no. 2006-04 nga mao ang paghatag ug advisor’s fee alang sa bond floatation services.

Ang lihok sa pagpili sa bond floatation miabot una ug duha ka tuig usa pa gipasar ni Clarin ug mga kauban ang  Mun. Ordianance no. 2008-10, busa klaro nga walay basehanan ang akusasyon nga dunay nahitabong pagdali-dali niini, matud sa Ombudsman.

15-minute power interruptions set on April 26 and 27

Davao  Light  and  Power  Company  will  conduct  two  15-minute  powerinterruptions affecting customers in the downtown area of its franchise.

Corporate Communications Officer Ross Luga said that the serviceinterruptions are necessary to facilitate the replacement of rotten polesin the said area.

In  order  to  keep the power interruptions within the least possible time,loads  from  the  said  lines will be transferred to the nearby substation.This  will result to two 15-minute switching outages, which will take placeon April 26, from 10:00 PM to 10:15 PM and from 6:00 AM to 6:15 AM of April27 for the return of loads to normal set up.

Affected by these service interruptions are the power consumers inUyanguren St. going to Quezon Boulevard and those in other nearby downtownareas.

Also affected are customers in portions of Juan Luna St., Padre Gomez St.,Fatima St., Calle Putol, Guerrero St., Quezon St. and Zamora St.

Davao Light apologizes for the inconvenience of these service interruptionsbut it will exert all efforts to restore electric service as scheduled orearlier. However, there may be instances where restoration may extendbeyond the schedule due to unavoidable circumstances.

To get your Davao Light electric bill balance, just text ASKDLPC(space)BILL(space)10-digit  ACCOUNT  ID  and send to 3913572 (Smart, Talk&Text and RedMobile  subscribers)  or  09229993572  (Sun and Globe subscribers). Regularrates apply; Davao Light pays for the reply.

Police Regional Office 11 Still Accepting Applicants for Calendar Year 2012 Recruitment Program for Police Officer I

  Police Regional Office 11 announces that it is still accepting applicants for Calendar Year 2012 Recruitment Program for Police Officer 1 with a quota of 269. The Regional Personnel Human Resource and Development Division (RPHRDD) said that the deadline of submission of folders is on May 02, 2012.        

Those who are interested to join the police force must meet the following general qualifications: a natural born Filipino citizen; of good moral character;  a baccalaureate degree holder/college graduate; height of 5’4 for male and 5’2 for female; must possess any of the following eligibilities: NAPOLCOM PNP Entrance Examination, 2nd Level Eligibility (Career Service Professional, CSC PO1/PO-1998 onwards), RA No. 6506 (License Criminologist), RA 1080 (BAR and BOARD Examination) -PD No 907 (College Graduates with Honors); at least 21 years old, but not more than 30 years old upon oath taking; must not have been convicted by final judgment of any offenses of crime involving moral turpitude; must not have been dishonorably discharged from military employment or dismissal for cause from civilian position in the government; and must pass general physical, neuro-psychiatric, medical, agility test and interview.        

If you meet the above-mentioned requirements, you may submit your application folders to the nearest police station in your area or directly to the Recruitment Selection Section (RSS) of PRO 11.                

For more inquiries, visit our Facebook account: Pnp Pro XI (Isumbong sa Pulis) and Twitter Page: PNP PRO XI; e-mail us at:; visit our website:; call RPHRDD/R1 Hotline: (082) 234-1033; or call or Text Police Hotline: 0917-70-8547        

If you possess the required qualifications and have the passion to be part of the police force, this could be your opportunity to realize your vision of “serving and protecting” the community! Heed the Call for Public Service!


DAVAO CITY – Philippine Ports Authority Port Management Office (PPA PMO) - Davao marked its coral anniversary on April 1, 2012, celebrating more than three decades of sustained public service.

“We are very blessed to have reached this far in terms of years of experience in our role as port administrator, regulator and an enabler of maritime businesses related to trade, transport and tourism,” PPA PMO-Davao and Concurrent Port Manager Atty. Christian V. Santillan expressed.

Series of activities kicked off in a bloodletting ceremony which was facilitated by the Philippine National Red Cross (PRC) – Davao City Chapter on March 31, three days before the actual date. Such was participated in by employees, dock workers and other willing donors.

PMO-Davao has been an active supporter of the PNRC as part of its corporate social responsibility projects and advocacies for maintaining healthy lifestyle in the port communities for three decades now. March 31 likewise coincided with the berthing of MV Danae, a luxury cruise liner which sailed from Marseille, France for a four-month tour around the world.

Said cruise ship brought 371 passengers (both crew and visitors) which all hailed from countries in the European Union. About 90 percent of the guests on board have been accompanied by local tourism operators aboard buses and coaches for sightseeing and shopping around Davao City.

PPA PMO-Davao selected officers and staff took the limited window to go onboard and greet the foreign visitors and explore the vessel’s seven-story deck features. The visit is the first of its kind in Davao City.Since April 1 fell on a Sunday, official celebration was moved to the day after, April 2 (Monday), giving way for employees and guests to join in various sports events and programs prepared for by the office and enjoy the day-long observance on a semi-holiday mode.

On April 2, events slated in the morning were Flag Raising and Pinoy Games played between teams divided by color followed by the Awarding of Winners and a simple Lunch Treat for the employees and invited guest-judges.

To cap the milestone year, a 70s retro-inspired party was held on the evening of April 2 which featured the following: Rigodon de Honor (dancing in pairs), Citations for Top 10 Performers, Loyalty and Special Awards for PMO-Davao Pioneers and Retirees, the Retro Look Award which was won by Administrative Services Chief Ms. Natividad P. Amorillo who came in a psychedelic muumuu paired with trademark gypsy headband and the Ceremonial Toast by the youngest employee, Michael A. Esquivel.

The program committee also prepared and played a special Music Television (MTV) presentation of the song “Salamat”, an Original Pilipino Music (OPM) by The Dawn Band laden with wacky video footages with banners/greetings for the 35th anniversary of the PMO workers as well as that of the Terminal Management Office – Mati staff.

This year’s anniversary theme, “Maunlad na Pantalan, Maunlad na Bayan, Noon, Ngayon, Magpakailanman Tungo sa Ikabubuti ng Sambayanan” (Progressive Ports, Progressive Community, Then, Now and Beyond Towards the Betterment of the Country) is aptly mounted as PPA shifted its corporate vision which was earlier pegged on the year 2010 and bent on meeting international standards in port facilities and services.

PPA’s new vision now reads, “By 2030, customers doing business in our ports shall experience full and sustained productivity, efficiency, comfort, connectivity, safety and security.”In his closing speech, Santillan conveyed grateful recognition to the God Almighty along with the PPA pioneers who are also his contemporaries when PPA started in 1975 and the current manpower complement of 70 warm bodies for being vital contributors in carving a corporate history imbued with courage, vision and professionalism, especially in making the Port of Davao a leading international hub.


Lecture-Forum on Strategic Planning in HEIs, SUCs, and LCUs in Accordance with the Philippine Development Plan 2011-2016.

In order to dovetail the strategic planning of HEIs, SUC, and LCUs with the Philippine Development Plan 2011-2016, a lecture-forum on Strategic Planning and other Public Policy issues will be held in Davao City at the Lispher Inn, Matina, Davao City on April 29, 2012 from 9am to 3pm for participants from Region 10, 11, 12, ARMM and Caraga, and in Zamboanga City at the AVR of Zamboanga State College of Marine Sciences and Technology (ZSCMST) on May 13, 2012 from 1pm to 5pm, for participants from Region 9, and ARMM provinces of Basilan, Sulu and Tawi-tawi.          Invited/encouraged to attend are senior members of the faculty, second level management of HEIs, both private and public, and graduate students of public administration and governance.

Other contemporary issues in public policy will be presented like towards “Another Development Paradigm”, the oil industry deregulation, and the implementation of K+12, the basic education reform program.

The speaker/lecturer is Dr. Eldigario D. Gonzales, University Professor of Public Administration and Governance of the University of the Visayas, Graduate School, and former President of PASUC, WMSU and SWU. He is an alumnus of UP NCPAG and the JFK School of Government, Harvard University, MA USA. He is a member of the Management Association of the Philippines (MAP), and possesses a Career Service Executive Eligibility (CSEE).

For more information, please visit, text or call 09205526042; (02)9903075; (062)9264039.