Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Pres. Aquino makes a toast on Philippines’, Chile’s prosperity

President Benigno S. Aquino III on Monday (Nov. 16) toasted the shared prosperity and deeper friendship between the Philippines and Chile, during the state luncheon in honor of visiting Chilean leader Michelle Bachelet in Malacañang Palace.

The President noted the country’s dynamic interaction with Chile for many generations, as well as the struggle of the Filipinos and the Chileans for democracy.

“Beyond this bond of history, Chile and the Philippines share unique experiences, one of which is the fact that both our peoples struggled to reclaim the freedom of our nations, and consequently, found themselves among the ranks of newly restored democracies. In you, Madam President, I can say, I find a kindred spirit. You yourself experienced what it was like to stand up to a dictatorship, and thus demonstrated the solidarity and sacrifice required to build a vibrant democracy, together with your people,” said President Aquino.

“As individuals who had to endure hardship and exile under our countries’ dictatorial regimes, you and I know full well the terror that tyranny brings. And by regaining our liberties, our function has been to make democracy inclusive for everyone. It is my belief that, if we fail to do so, there might be that temptation for some quarters to return to some form of authoritarianism,” he added.

President Aquino also said that, as leaders, they must always keep the memories of the past and those who fought for the independence of their countries alive.

“Thus, in our own capacities, as leaders of our peoples, we must continue to exert every effort to live out the beliefs that our countrymen are worth fighting for, and that remembering the sacrifice of the past gives us a firm foundation for a prosperous, inclusive future that will never allow tyranny to return,” he said.

President Aquino also noted the resilience and courage of the Chileans in facing calamities.

“Just as Chile reclaimed its democracy, so too have you and your people demonstrated resilience and courage in the face of calamities. Indeed, you have won the admiration of Filipinos and of the rest of the world. And on behalf of my people, I say: Siempre estaremos allí para nuestros hermanos chilenos,” said the President.

“As our nations now prepare to celebrate the 70th anniversary of our warm and meaningful diplomatic relationship, which will take place next year, I am reminded that, while we may be separated by the vast Pacific, our vision for our peoples will never be foreign to each other: a dignified life for our countrymen, the preservation of freedom, and the realization of a more inclusive world, one where no one is left behind. Indeed: Our shared background, together with our shared problems, pushes us to look for shared solutions towards achieving our shared aspirations,” President Aquino said. (PCOO News Release)

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