Wednesday, November 4, 2015

CSC rates DavNor “very satisfactory”

 DAVAO DEL NORTE, November 4, 2015 – After three days of evaluation of documents and interviews on different level of positions among provincial government employees, the assessing Civil Service Commission gave Davao del Norte the numerical rating of “8” equivalent to “very satisfactory.”

The 3-day evaluation and interview focused on the Strategic Performance Management System (SPMS) particularly on the Individual Performance Commitment Report (IPCR) and the Office Performance Commitment Report (OPCR) and other strategies employed by the provincial governmentif these were strictly implemented in order to maintain its accreditation by the CSC.

The interviewees were randomly picked from the casual, regular, head of office and elective positions. Interview was also conducted with the executive, Governor Rodolfo del Rosario.

“Regarding my on-site assessment for three days, the interview I would say, is very satisfactory because those interviewee were able to answer well and able to articulate their respective duties and responsibilities and able to align their duties to their vision and mission of the province,” said  Christopher B. Pallan, Senior Human Resource Officer of the CSC RXI.

“In that sense they were able to explain that their work is very important, their present work, their duties and responsibilities,even the lowest position like driver or laborer, has a big role, very important towards the achievement of the vision and mission of the province,”continued Pallan.

With the positive findings, still the CSC Senior Human Resource Officer have recommendations.

“Actually my recommendations is continuous improvement because there is already an established system, although SPMS is fully functional, continuous improvement on the standards per major final output should always be made. PMT is functional. Calibration or review of the IPCR accomplished or target against established standard should continuously be done. There is continuous improvement, that’s why I rated 8,” added CSC Pallan.

Pallan also cited that the rate could be higher especially on the HR office for the Accreditation Level II is maintained.

The accreditation would mean that the provincial government were given the authority by the Commission to issue appointments on positions.

“HRM Office is competent including its HRM officers. When I say HRM office, this include the department heads in handling people. HRM unit is taking the lead in the implementation of the SPMS as well as the establishment of the individual development plan, of the supervisors, managers and the rank and file employees,” concluded Pallan.

But even with the “very satisfactory” mark, the rating will be validated by the Civil Service Commission national office according to the Senior Human Resource Officer from the region. (pioDavNor).

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