Thursday, November 5, 2015

IGACOS LGU holds mobile phone video and photography workshop

ISLAND GARDEN CITY OF SAMAL, November 5, 2015 – Twenty-two (22) participants from city government departments and  appointed as Development Info-Point Person (DIPP), attended the two-day Seminar Workshop on Mobile Phone Video and Photography Journalism  conducted by the City Mayor’s Office – Public Information Section with Philippine Information Agency XI  in Camp Holiday Resort and Recreation on October 29-30.

The fast changing technologies and the fast  and easy access to social media also requires the need to be updated with these changes  and  approaches in technologies  given the varied audience  in the exchange of  information.

To cope with these developments,  a two day seminar workshop  on Mobile Phone Videography and Photography Journalism was  conducted  for  the DIPPs.

The seminar workshop covered the basics of photography using smart phone , photo captioning, familiarization of Cellular Phone,  getting to know about applications available in smart phones, how to access social media sites  as well as simple video editing. This is to easily disseminate development information on public concern through social media.

The DIPP’s are info links of the Public Information Section in every office in the local government who also served as information officer who will also help in the development and dissemination of development information in their respective offices.

The three (3) speakers  from Philippine Information Agency had  comprehensively discussed and explained the topic to the participants. They emphasized as well the importance of news dissemination in Local Government Unit as this will supply information to the public regarding the activities and programs of the government for the people and the country. (Samal Info.)

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