Tuesday, November 4, 2014

PhilHealth to launch Run 2015

DAVAO CITY, Nov. 4 – Philhealth is set to mark another record-breaking history next year as it heaves the Philhealth Run 2015: Ready, TSeKap, Go!, another nationwide running event that aims to bring together 60,000 runners on February 15, 2015.

According to Philhealth, the run highlights the celebration of its 20th year in public service as it strives to intensify awareness of Philhealth services and benefits among members and non-members alike.

In Davao City, Philhealth eyes to amass a hefty number of 4,000 total runners, both professionals and enthusiasts, to once more wave their flags of support and run for a cause; likewise, the activity will benefit institutions devoted to uplifting the lives of the most vulnerable sectors in society.

Philhealth is yet to announce further details of the run but one thing remains for sure – it entails a dynamic and zestful set of surprises, as it offers a sundry sort of race categories ranging from 3k up to 20k category with exciting awards and prizes at stake.

The launching activity will kick off on November 7, the same day that marks the 100 days countdown to the run, itself.

The Run 2015 has drawn inspiration from the success of its first ever simultaneous nationwide run last 2013. (PhilHealth-11/KGD)

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