Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Operation Blessings gives free wheelchairs

DAVAO ORIENTAL, May 27, 2015 - One hundred forty patients suffering from different diseases that made them unable to walk recently received custom-fit wheelchairs from the Operation Blessings Foundation Philippines, Inc.

These newly turned over wheelchairs, said the foundation, not only intend to help patients, as well as their care givers, in making their activities of daily living easier but will also provide patients more fulfilling and productive lives.

Patients who received the wheelchairs includes those who suffer from diseases such as stroke, cerebral palsy, birth abnormalities, and other disabilities that keep them from walking.

Operation Blessing Team Leader Gino D. Agban said the organization is a worldwide mission to help bring vital social services to communities, especially to the impoverished sector of the society.

He said the wheelchairs are donations from different countries that pooled their resources together to reach out and touch lives of the poor.
In becoming an eligible recipient of a wheelchair, families of the patients were required to submit barangay clearance, a photo, social case studies, and medical abstract that prove the patient’s worthiness to receive a wheelchair.

The selection process of the patients also involved tapping the help of Barangay Health Workers who validated the patients’ eligibility to receive. This procedure is deemed vital as the organization discourages patients who still have the capacity to walk from becoming dependent to wheelchair use.

In partnership with the Provincial Government and the Philippine Army who gave counterpart in terms of mobilization and coordination, the 140 wheelchairs were directly distributed to patients throughout the province in several rounds of distribution.

During the hand over, members of the Operation Blessing Team demonstrated the proper use and maintenance of the wheelchair to extend its life.

Governor Corazon N. Malanyaon thanked the Operation Blessing for their benevolent works for her constituents, saying these blessings symbolize hope for the recipients. She further said that the province’s strong partnerships with organizations such as the Operation Blessing help address the needs of poor constituents that are beyond the government’s capacity to attend.

She said institutions that have the heart to help people who are less fortunate are indeed a blessing to the people as they give new hope and a new chance.

The Operation Blessing Philippines, Inc. became a frequent partner of the Provincial Government as they were one of the first few organizations to come to the province’s aid when Typhoon Pablo struck in 2012.
With undertakings that exemplify Christian kindness and compassion, the OB’s works involves services covering medical, health, and nutrition interventions, education, livelihood and skills enhancement, and disaster relief, among many others.(KLDeloso)

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