Monday, May 11, 2015

2nd ‘Bugsay Mindanao’ to boost sports tourism in Davao Region

Bugsay Mindanao 2: Paddle for Peace  Dragon Boat Racing competition is expected to draw a big number sports enthusiasts and spectators in the coastline of Waterfront Insular Hotel on May 15 – 16, 2015.

 Event Organizer Clarise Jane Calolot said that Dragon Boat competition is another sports attraction that is expected to draw a big crowd because it is exciting and relatively new in this part of country.

 “Dragon Boat racing in Mindanao is a budding water sport, so we are inviting sports enthusiasts and the general public to discover the excitement, entertainment value and unifying spirit that Bugsay Mindanao (Dragon Boat  Competition) brings,” said Calolot, who is also the president of the Davao Dragon Boat Association (DDBA).

 ‘Bugsay Mindanao 2’ will be participated in by the Dragons Del Sur, Base Camp Dragons, and Hiraya Minokawa all under the supervision of DDBA. While visiting teams include Butuan City’s FSUU Blue Dragon; Cagayan de Oro’s Liceo de Cagayan Dragonoids; Iligan City’s Bakunawa Team and the Agusan del Sur Dragon Boat Team.

 Calolot said that aside from promoting the spirit of peace and unit in the event, it also aimed to showcase the beautiful shorelines of Mindanao, including Davao Gulf.

 “We wish to bring the sport to other coastlines around Mindanao to highlight our beauty of our beaches as well as
strengthen our advocacy on protecting the coastal and marine resources of the country. It is actually aligned at promoting eco-tourism development,” Calolot said. 

 Further, she added the use of boats is closely related to Mindanao culture owing to the fact that many communities and tribes in the region live along the shores of the island.

 “For ages, we have used boats as means of transportation, source of livelihood, recreation and sports. Dragon Boat racing would just be another figure of it,” Calolot said.

 “The Philippines is a force to reckon with in the international Dragon Boat competition and Mindanao has a strong potential to produce world class paddlers too,” Calolot added.

 The Bugsay Mindanao 2: Paddle for Peace this weekend is staged here in Davao as a continuing effort to sustain the gains of its first edition in Cagayan de Oro City last year. (PR)

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