Thursday, May 14, 2015

Davao City needs more CCTVs

DAVAO CITY- The City needs more CCTVs to cover all the way to Toril District.
This according to Public Safety and Security Command Center (PSSCC) head Frank Villaroman said.
Villaroman says Davao City’s PSSCC has about 173 close-circuit TV cameras used by the Intelligence Operations Center (IOC) plus 19 cameras operated by the Traffic Operations Center. The cameras are as far north as Ilang just outside the Holcim cement plant and south in Lacson in Calinan District.

An expansion of CCTV coverage all the way to Toril which is 33 kilometers away from the City proper will need 30 to 40 CCTV cameras Villaroman said.

Davao City’s CCTVs have 35x zoom capabilities which can reach 1.2 kilometers and provides high-definition clear visuals even in low-light.

Placed in strategic points in the city like highways, thoroughfares, public parks, transport terminals and other public places, the cameras are either pan,tilt, zoom (PTZ) types or steady cams.

These cameras have managed to help authorities track and intercept criminals and also traffic violators.
Villaroman also said among his wishlist for PSSCC is the expansion of the Intelligence Operations
Center office to allow more monitors for the growing number of CCTVs.

He said that the PSSCC will be expecting new equipment to be procured this year though Villaroman did not specify what type of equipment the City will be acquiring.

The PSSCC is a division under the City Mayor’s office tasked to coordinate various agencies to provide protection, safety, security and risk management to the people of Davao City. (PIA/RG Alama)

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