Sunday, November 2, 2014

Mutya ng Tagum now on its 2nd year

DAVAO CITY- Mutya ng Tagum is going to be staged for the second straight year, with the coronation to be held at the RDR Gymnasium this November 20.
Marlene Rellon Alastro of the Tagum City Tourism Council said the beauty pageant will focus on Wellness and Health taken from Tagum City Mayor Allan Rellon’s EAGLE WINGS program.

EAGLE WINGS stands for Education, employment and culture; Agriculture and fishery;  Genuine peace, safety and security;  Livelihood and tourism;  Economy and affordability of taxes; Wellness and health;  Infrastructure, transportation and communication;  NGO, GO and Co-op convergence;  Good governance; and Social services.

During last year’s Mutya ng Tagum, the local government funded the proposal of the winner Jessica Bonney that delved on livelihood activities for fishermen in Tagum. The grant amounted to P60,000.

Alastra said this year’s proposal of the candidates will be barangay-based and whoever will be crowned Mutya ng Tagum will have her proposal funded and implemented in her barangay.

The 10 candidates presented novel proposals for their barangay and which centered on the theme health and wellness.
Candidate Princess Jade Alo from Barangay Magugpo North said her proposal is a sports league and zumba fest in the barangay. The sports league, which will have basketball and volleyball games, will cater to the youth while the zumba fest will be for the adults and senior citizens.

While Marie Kristine Diaz from proposal is a EMMS (Equipment Medical Mission Seminar) for her barangay, she came up with the proposal noting the lack of facilities in their health care center.

Alastra also said that compared to last year’s Mutya when it was an open competition the 10 finalists are chosen by the respective barangays.
She also added that the pageant adheres to the city’s strict implementation of Integrated Gender Development ordinance in Tagum, the beauties will not be parading in swimsuits but only in playsuit denoting sports, fitness and wellness.

Alastra said that the health and wellness theme of the Mutya is very much fitting as the city is gearing up to be the sports capital of the region. The city is currently bidding to host the Palarong Pambansa next year. (PIA/RG Alama)

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