Thursday, June 30, 2016

Outgoing DavNor gov calls on next officials work even better

DAVAO DEL NORTE, June 30 (PIA)—Outgoing Provincial Governor Rodolfo P. del Rosario recently called on the new set of provincial government officials to stay united and continue to  work for a much better Davao del Norte.

In his address during this week’s Oath-taking Ceremony of newly-elected Provincial Officials,  the outgoing governor also asked  the new officials to honor  the long years of hard work of “our forebears” and past officials who had gone out of their way to overcome the challenges and difficulties to build a Davao del Norte touted as forerunner of development in Davao Region.

“I urge our incoming officials to honor the sacrifices of our pioneers by taking good care of the welfare of our  people and by building a better  future for the next generation of Dabaonons,” he said.

Earlier in his speech, he carried his audience to remember key accomplishments that had transformed the province such as “building of vital infrastructure, transforming the bureaucracy to better serve  our constituents, and providing basic services and facilities that improved the quality of  life of our people”.

Looking back the time he started serving as governor 18 years ago, he said that  the meagre budget  of more than P200 million in 1998 had grown over the years to substantially push Davao del Norte to become the first billionaire province in Mindanao in 2014, and  that the province this year had set to  roll out P1.37 billion budget.

Expecting the next set of officials to work even better, the outgoing governor urged them to “grab every opportunity to serve the people” given the strong mandate  in this year’s election.

“Dedicate your leadership to the task of uplifting and empowering them,” he said while also telling  them to  create a positive impact on people’s lives.

He confessed “great satisfaction” that he left the governorship knowing that he had done his duty “to the best of my ability and judgement” while believing that the next provincial administration “can lead our province into greater stability and progress”.  (PIA 11/ Jeanevive Duron-Abangan)

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