Thursday, April 23, 2015

IGACOS deputizes fish wardens

ISLAND GARDEN CITY OF SAMAL, April 23, 2015 -  City Mayor Aniano P. Antalan administered the oath-taking of twenty (20) deputized fish wardens from Philippines National Police (PNP) Samal and Samal Task Group under the command of 1003rd Brigade Philippine Army.

The oath-taking was done after the two-day exclusive live-in training-workshop on fish warden deputization  last April 13, 2015 at City Mayor’s Conference Room, City Hall, Penaplata, Samal District.

In addition to the existing deputized fish wardens, the local government augmented twenty (20) more fish wardens (five (5) personnel  selected from PNP-Samal and fifteen (15) from Samal Task Group)  giving them  the  capacity  and authority to enforce fishery laws and arrest violators base on RA 8550. The  RA 8550 is an Act providing for the development, management and conservation of the fisheries and aquatic resources , integrating all laws pertinent thereto, and for other purposes. The law also stipulates the authority provided to the local government  unit the authority to enforce all fishery laws, rules and regulations as well as the valid fishery ordinances enacted by the City Council.

The City Fisheries Office headed by Engr. Ana Lea A. Zapanta, City Agriculturist in coordination with BFAR XI provided the newly deputized fish warden were trained and equipped with technical skills in handling tactical tasks in apprehending marine violators.

The selected deputized personnel from PNP-Samal and Samal Task Group were assigned to strategic barangays  identified as main fishing areas such as the Barangay San Remegio, Cogon and Talicud Island of Kaputian District; Barangays Balet and Pichon of Babak District and other coastal Barangays wherein a detachment will also be established for them to speedily response to cases of marine violators.
“Illegal fishing awareness and prevention campaign were also given to fishing barangays and coastal barangays. We also asked and  encouraged barangay officials and constituents to help the fish wardens to monitor, detect and report any illegal fishing or any unfamiliar sea vessels seen in their jurisdiction through texting or any means of communication for the immediate apprehension of the violators”, Mr. Timothy P. Dollano, City Fisheries Division, Acquaculturist said.

On the same occasion, the new City Fisheries and Aquatic Resources and Management Council (CFARMC)  Officials also took oath of office. Strengthening the Council could hopefully help support the effective and efficient enforcement of fishery laws and marine resources protection and preservation.

The City consistently implements programs and projects for the development, management and conservation of the fisheries and aquatic resources. Yet with limited resources, involvement of barangays and neighboring municipalities and cities is imperative in curtailing illegal fishing and marine abuses to attain a comprehensive management, conservation and protection of aquatic resources around the gulf. (Samal Info.)

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