Friday, March 18, 2016

Six years of the People’s Budget

Citizens' Budgets in general have become a new global fiscal transparency standard. In 2015, some 54 countries published a Citizens’ Budget, from 26 countries in 2012.

The publication of the 2016 People’s Budget marks six years of public distribution by the DBM of a Citizens Budget, a key budget document and a measure of commitment to fiscal transparency under the Open Government Partnership.

First launched in 2011, it has become a model around the world on how to visualize and translate budget information in forms and languages that citizens understand. It has been expanded from a booklet summarizing the annual GAA, to other forms and media like AVP, social media action, and newspaper ads.

The annual publication of the People’s Budget is one of the reasons the Philippines is recognized as a global leader in fiscal transparency according to the latest Open Budget Survey, according to the DBM.

The DBM also publishes the People’s Proposed Budget, which summarizes the National Expenditure Plan.

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