Wednesday, October 29, 2014

ComVal sustains 5S Program

COMPOSTELA VALLEY PROVINCE-Since the implementation of the province’s 5S Program, it has been one of its best practices.  And officials of the different agencies came to the Capitol from time to time for a benchmarking.

It includes the visit of the TESDA officials in Davao del Norte in the offices of the provincial Capitol on October 15, 2015 for their benchmark study about the program. 

Leading the visiting team was TESDA Provincial Diredtor Dr. Urbano Budtan, PhD. With him were Senior TESDA Specialist Engr. Rodrigo Camus, TESDA Supervisor Myrna Rodrigo, TESDA Junior Specialist  Mafel Gamale, Admin Officer V Marissa Ann Atencio, Financial Analyst Prince Aenon Alforte and Jennifer Capungpungan.

As they roamed around, they were guided by ComVal Provincial 5s Focal Rheabie Cobrado and LGU-Nabunturan 5s Focal Delia Jumalon.

They particularly visited the Governor’s Office, Administrative Office, Information Technology and Communication Development Office, Information Dissemination Section, and Human Resource Management Division.

The 5s principles are rooted on the Japanese technology in Office Management particularly on filing system citing on the following Japanese Words:  seiri (sort, suriin), seiton (systematize, sinupin), seiso (sweep, simutin), seiketsu (standardize, siguruhin), and shitsuke (self-discipline, sariling-kusa). 

These principles contributes a lot to workers’ productivity since it makes the workplace more comfortable, orderly, clean, and organized.  (grace almedilla, ids-comval)

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